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Time for a new Cookbook!


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Those of you who have been on LCSC for +4 years will remember our fantastic LCSC A Taste of Hope Cookbook fundraisers! They were so much fun and very successful!

ALL members were able to contribute wonderful yummy recipes and the cookbooks ( Volume I and II ) was produced by Andrea Scheff. Andrea is a huge supporter of Lungevity, a patient advocate and wonderful friend. She's been a member here almost from the beginning and was even on the board of directors ! BOTH her parents were dx with lung cancer.

Here are the details for this new cookbook fundraiser. (I copy/pasted her email to me)


Hello Friends!

I am teaming up with my dear friend Angela Eilers to publish yet another cookbook-- "A Heart Healthy Taste of Hope"!! 50% of the profits will beneift LUNGevity for lung cancer research & 50% will benefit the American Heart Association in honor of Angela's baby daughter who is undergoing her second open heart surgery Aug 30, all before age of 1.

I NEED YOUR  HELP!!!! PLEASE PLEASE send me recipes ASAP!!!! (food & also beauty

ones or just silly ones)

The focus of this book is healthier recipes....however all recipes are welcome!!!! They don't have to be healthy. Also, we all NEED to indulge at times, if you have a recipe that is very

unhealthy, but have ideas on how to make it healthier, submit the calorie loaded version & in the instructions give your hints on how you can alter the recipe to

make it healthier :)

For questions or to submit recipes Email me at andreascheff@roadrunner.com

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Thanks so much!!!!!!!!! And thanks for posting Katie!!!!! I am excited about the project! I can't wait to get more recipes from everyone!!!!!! I know I have not been as active as I should be. I do love each and every one of you & I follow your stories!

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They really do make nice gifts! We are going to get it done in time for holidays, so will be bugging people for recipes ASAP. We do the 3 ring binder hard cover version instead of paperback...a little nicer!

The past two times we raised over $2,000 each time!

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I just sent out an email blast to a bunch of friends asking them to send me some recipes. When I get them Andrea, I will forward them to you. Cross my fingers.

Also, I will gladly help you edit again. Let me know if you need me.

And as usual what a great idea. My friends and family love the first two.

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If all else fails send it in a private message, she will definitely get it that way.

Andrea's spam blocker doesn't allow me to send her emails from lchelp.org anymore but I can send them from lungevity.org ! Maybe you're having the same problem.

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O.k. this is the deal, in my mania to get ready for this trip I forgot. I remember thinking about it when I was lying in bed but....We arrived at our first destination tonight so in the next couple of days I'll see what I can come up with. I think if I think hard enough, I can come up with a blueberry topping/spread that came from an old Fit for Life book. It is scrumptous on toast, in oatmeal on ice cream, whatever.

Judy in KW

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