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Wednesday's Air

Bud Baker

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Good morning, everyone!

It was 76 degrees as I rode to work this morning. Forecast high is 102.

Happy birthday, Judy, Stephanie, and Donny! Good luck with the scans, Ned! It all sounds good, though, so I expect it's car shopping time. I'm thinking I would have a tough time car shopping on what my retirement budget will be. I'd better get lots of miles out of the bike.

Stephanie, I did the same thing on my last house, refinanced a few years after buying it, going from a 30 year mortgage to a 15 year. I had already been paying an extra $100 every month since the beginning, so it was going to pay off in pretty much the same amount of time anyway, so I probably didn't gain much by adding finance charges to the principle to get a lower rate.

Anyone else belong to AARP and read this month's magazine? There was a very interesting article about Dennis Quaid and what happened to his twins in a hospital. His estimate was that a third of all deaths in this country are caused by health care harm. What a scary thought for us sickly types......LOL.

Have a great day, all!

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Good morning all! Ah, we are in the middle of a rip roaring thunderstorm. Lap top is unplugged. TV Satelite went out. But I have the weather on my lap top so I'm not worried. My puppy Olive is experiencing her first storm and is at the window growling at it. Soooo cute.

And speaking of Olive, I finally uploaded some pics of her post grooming. She sure does not look like a duck hunting dog to me. Hubs is still going to see if she will hunt. Being a Labradoodle, she does have a hunting nose, so we'll see, but looking at these pictures, I can't see it.




I loved this one. I just picked her up from the groomers. So cute!


She is such a joy. Very affectionate and cuddly. I'm so happy to have her.

And since I'm sharing my kids here, this is our 80 pound German Short Hair. Now he hunts like a machine. Unfortunately he's a pheasant hunter, and there are none around these parts anymore. Habitat just isn't here for them. So he's just an overgrown lap dog now.


Anyway, today is Onc day. No stress on my part. No CT, so it's really a waste of time, but I have to check in and get bloods done.

Have a great day.

Judy in MI

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Morning All! Lost this again several paragraphs in. I have to figure out what I'm doing wrong. Rain finally stopped, sun is shining. The guys went fishing in spite of the wind. Dominick has been so patient, but when he got up and saw it wasn't raining, he couldn't get ready fast enough.

Bud, glad the weather is decent for you to ride TO work in. Too bad it isn't reversed so it would be cooler riding home after working all day with no AC.

Judy, the pics are adorable. She seems to like the pretty bows so don't think that's a good hunting dog sign lol. We'll be waiting to hear what the onc has to contribute to the solution to the problem of the seizures.

Happy birthday, Judy, Stephanie, and Donny! Good luck with the scans, Ned!

Am just quoting Bud because I haven't had time to read. I've been feeling pretty miserable since my scan last Thur and yesterday was the worst. Not great today and when you feel lousy everthing that goes wrong is magnified. Am taking a break and then back to putting things to rights before the guys come back. Stomach issues are letting up now that I could stop the laxatives last night. I've cut them in half after the first day and am only taking them a total of five days. Any less and I'm cramping with constipation. But my gut doesn't like taking them either.

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in KW

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Hey folks. Just a regular day here in the knife and not too exciting. I'm finding that just doing the day to day tasks at work and not planning for the future is getting boring ! Oh well, only another 2 weeks.

Bud I think you already get alot of mileage out of your bike so at least you would have low mileage on a vehicle extending the lifespan.

Judy in MI, I can't "see" your pictures on my work computer but I'll have a look tonight at home. Think I have to agree with Judy that bow's just do not seem right on a hunting dog. But then again, I have 2 retriever's that won't retrieve. One is afraid of gun's and the other will not swim.

Hope Dom and Stan get lot's of fish. Can get pretty boring for a young boy if he isn't getting any bites. Hope you feel better soon as well.

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Good Evening Everyone,

Weather Ditto,in fact its 8.30pm here and the dark rainclouds outside my window,make daylight levels look as though its a least an hour later.Seems everybody has a birthday this week,third day back at work completed,seems I have been back forever,and holidays are just a distant memory.

I just dont believe it,my name is on the list to-morrow at work, for fire warden training,something I have already attended about a year ago,seemingly for health and safety reasons,we have to do the course again because its a new building we have moved into?must be expecting us to be tackling some new kind of fire,wouldnt mind if they could keep it down to about 30mins,oh no, we get to do the works,3hrs including putting out a small fire outside after having chosen the appropriate method of extinguishing the flames,I think if you choose wrongly they get to throw you into a blazing building?.

Sorry Bud,I dont know what AAARP means,nor what happened to Dennis Quaid's twins?

Judy loved your dawgs pics,please if Olive is a hunting dog lose the flowers and get her one of them dog collars with the spikes all round it,it will help her look more butch and frighten the ducks to death by just the sight of her.

Judy KY,sorry to hear,you are not feeling at your best at the moment,you know thoughts just fly into my head every now and then,and I got a wee mental picture of you sitting in one of these indoor,keep fit rowing machines,going at it for all you are worth..I think this is about throwing away those laxative pills and getting your tummy muscles built up into a six pack,youll never have bother again.Hope Stan returns with a good catch of mutton snappers for the oven.

Hiya Bruce good to see you around,enjoy your up and coming hols.

Enjoy the rest of your day everyone.

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Hi Bud,

Just dropped in before setting off to work,thanks so much for giving me the AAARP link,think I may be ambitious enough to suscribe to a five year membership(works out cheaper)wonder if I will get a rebate if I dont manage 5 years?LOL.See you.

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