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Off Subject...The LAST time, I promise


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No exchanges or refunds after 48 hours.... :wink: (at least by Texas Adoption standards)

KENNEDY is OURS..... signed (today), sealed and delivered.

Thank you for all your well wishes, we are so happy today.

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Katie and Rick & Hunter,

So HAPPY for all of you! Please tell us more about her, is she a good baby? How much did she weigh? Did you take a leave from work? Come on guys we want details! I know you must be really swamped with a new little one in the house but when you get a chance tell us more! I feel like a new grandmother. Rick I would love to see a picture of Kennedy with her new Mom, Dad and brother, just a subtle request!

Bess B

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Please please please , continue to go off subject---do not make this the last time

-speaking for myself and I am sure others, I love hearing baby news and love seeing pictures---it cheers me up just looking at her and the happy story of her birth!!!!!

best wishes and hope to see more baby pictures soon

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ok. :lol: (since you asked.... :wink: )

She was 7lbs. 1oz. 19 1/2 inches long. She has just a tiny bit of hair.

Already she is so strong and looks up at us and swings those hands around and she is So good (so far :wink: ) Every 3-4 hours she gets up so I haven't lost too much sleep!

Hunter, my son...loves her! He's six. He wispers into the bassinet..."hey baby, you're my sister!" and he always makes a point to see her as much as he can before and after school...he already drew her a picture which we proudly display on the fridge! I can tell now he must have been lonely and another child in the house is exciting for him (at least for now!)

I did take time off work...just 2 weeks- then rick will take two weeks and then off she goes to daycare...(which I'm going to hate!) But until I pay off some of these legal bills (which I hope will be in about 6 months) I can't possibly stay home with her yet.

We didn't buy furniture or anything (afraid to jynx the adoption) so I am rolling her around the house in a bassinet. SO when you see me posting, you can imagine little Kennedy snoozing behind me in her bassinet!

But mostly, I am so excited she is here. She wasn't planned, and we had not previously planned on adopting...but a friend of a friend of a friends' neighbor's co-worker...and two months later...here we all are. It's odd how things happen, but it really was meant to be how everything fell into place and worked out like this!

I believe she was meant for us and it didn't feel strange or anything...it feels like she's been here all along!

I haven't taken any pictures yet...it seems like I am so behind on pictures and a baby book and all those things mothers do...I've just been holding alot back - not even telling people we were expecting--because there was always that possibility that the birth-mom would change her mind. NOw I've got alot of catching up to do and alot of buy and picture taking to make up for.

You see, you guys knew just what button to push to get me talking!!!

I'm not proud or anything LOL :wink:

Thanks again for all your well wishes and I'll post a family picture once we get one taken!

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Wow, I would say I'm so jealous of how smoothly this adoption turned out for you, but I'm not jealous because I wouldn't have any other child than our Faith! But I am so happy for you and so glad that Kennedy became your daughter, because it is definitely God's plan for her and for your family.

(by the way, our adoption went smoothly - just took 21 months - but worth it - I think every adoption is worth it!)

Don't feel bad about the baby book and stuff. I had decided to do some scrapbooking for Faith's baby book since conventional baby books don't really "fit". Well, I got geared up, bought a bunch of Creative Memories stuff from a friend who is peddling the stuff, and WHAM, Dave got diagnosed just as I had half way finished one page. Life as we know it changed! But I set aside a scrapbooking table and now that Christmas is gone and all the decoration are down I'll start it again.

Our best wishes to you all!

Karen C.

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Guest canuckwebgrrl

That's awesome Katie :lol::lol:

Congratulations to you & Rick. The miracle of life has such far-reaching effects, we on the board get a smile & good thoughts from YOUR baby! Just think, she'll have an older brother to scare away the 'undesireable' guys in 15 years or so... :P

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I just found this post and I'm SO SO HAPPY FOR YOU ALL!!

I guess I need to dig around in other categories more! :wink:

Welcome Kennedy!

Doesn't a new baby just make the whole world brighter!

I'm very happy for you and your family - God bless you all!

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