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Does Marinol (the Pot Pill) really work for nausea?


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Hi, all. Haven't been on for a couple of weeks. So many fires to put out as my mom is not tolerating chemo very well at all. In fact, she is profoungly nauseated 100% of the time and on some days can barely make it from one room to the next (which is normal). But the nausea and her weight loss is so significant that the oncologist said that they might have to stop treatment. Great. He says the only thing left is the "Pot Pill" -- legalized here, apparently.

Does anyone know if it definitely helps with nausea??? I'd really appreciate hearing your experiences with it.

Many thanks,


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My dad took a liquid form of Megace for his nausea. He had to take a capful a day and it tasted dreadful but it really did work to curb his nausea. I don't think his doctors were prescribing this pill yet so long ago when he was diagnosed.

I look forward to reading others experience with it.

I hope the pill works for your mom. Keep us posted.

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Here in Michigan, they legalized Marijuana, but when I had cancer the only way we could get it was in the weed form. Obviously witih lung cancer, that was not an option for me. But I have heard good results from Marinol. For most people, pot makes them hungry, so it goes to say it's likely going to ease nausea. I'd go for it Kim.

Judy in MI

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Just to clarify - Megace - generic name megestrol, is a steroid. Marinol, generic name dronabinol, is a synthetic version of delta-9 THC, which is an active component of marijuana. Marinol was approved for use in the US by the FDA in 1985 actually. No idea about Canada (more accurately, don't know where to check for that like I do for the FDA).

I once helped compile an annotated bibliography on marijuana research papers. It was a long time ago and at the time I remember reading that the pill form was not as effective at stimulating appetite as the naturally-occurring form. I don't remember anything about the nausea aspect though.

Hopefully some folks on here who took Marinol will add some comments and give you good information.

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Yes my mistake completely confusing mesgestrol

I've been traveling and should have paid more attention! I'm going to edit my original reply so as not to confuse any other reader!!!

I look forward to hearing from others with experience with Marinol and how it is working for your mom.

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My mother was taking Marinol in the final stages as she only weighed 72 pounds. Although, she was not taking chemo. It helped a little with her appetite. My nausea treatment was more of the natural kind. While I could eat, I still couldn't keep it down.

Hope this helps. God Be with you.

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