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Why am I the first here? It isn't even early. Oh well, sposed to cool down into the 80s today should be pretty nice. Mary's been off all week and we've done a whole lot of nothing, perfect. I've woke up every day for quite some time so life is good.

Went out yesterday for my birthday, went to Glenrock Wy., a little town about 20 miles east and went to 4 Aces for an early dinner. They have an old fashioned stone oven for pizza and the pizzas are delicious. Then went to a little park and sat along side of Deer Creek and listened to the water and watched the small town people being small town people. It was cool. Came home and watched The Invention of Lying, crazy movie. My little sis came over and brought us a New York style cheesecake. Life is sooooo good. Think today I might sit on the porch and play with the dog for a while. Today I am truly loving this retirement life, and I don't find it necessary to try to fill it up with activities to make it good. God knows there is plenty to do if and when I feel like doing them but the doc said my main objective for the short term is to make sure I stay ahead of the cancer and let my lung tissue heal. Ok I'm doing it.

Have a great day all.


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Cool I posted Friday air and when i went to submit it I lost it. I kept looking for things and I found it and was able to submit it. I'm not sure if I hit save by mistake or what but it was saved so I began I new post and then at the bottom I used the button to load and Voila there it was so this may be what has happened to others who have lost their posts when they try to submit them, maybe not. Anyway movin on...

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Good morning. I was up at 5:30 Pacific time but no one was here. I thought I would wait a while. Not sure where everyone is. I found facebook and here both unusually quiet all day yesterday. I think some of it may have been football and back to school and of coarse the crazy weather going on all over the country.

We have had really great weather here in Northern California but all good things come to an end. Our usual 105- 110 is supposed to start in a day or two. Guess I can't complain at least it won't be those temps with high humidity. My kids and grandkids in Louisiana have been sweltering. Now they are trying to wash away. Once the rain is gone I know the heat will be as bad as ever.

Anyway I hope eveyone is surviving this crazy summer and staying safe. Take care. I am off to fitness class.

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Good morning, almost afternoon. I usually leave too early for work to post in the morning. Off today, Yeah! Sounds like you had a perfect birthday. I could picture just sitting on bench and listening to the creek. How relaxing. It is nice to hear you are beginning to enjoy retirement life. I hope one day I will be able to do the same it sounds fantastic.

I also have issues from the radiation. I have permanent inflamation due to the damage, but there is no way around it we need the treatment so we take the risk. I sure hope that your lung tissue heals quickly. Taking it easy is not so bad, sounds like you found ways to enjoy it :)

Have a great weekend. I am going to lollygag around the house this weekend, no running up north to the cottage.


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Well, I'm glad you took the initiative Donny. I wondered this morning, and was going to post but thought, no, by the time I posted it someone else will have. I had a weird post disappearing act yesterday too. I posted to Judy's Air, and when I hit enter, it was in Bruce's Air, but Judy's Air was still there. Then it disappeared, and it was just too weird for me so I just didn't post again. LOL!

Called my Onc. today as instructed, and he took the day off and left no notes for the nurse. She did tell me my cholesterol is good, which is amazing news. When I first finished chemo my LDL was off the charts. They put me on a statin, but I had muscle problems with that. So I went off the statin months ago, so it is good to see it is normal! Yeah! I think the treatments did something to my LDL as it has always been normal my whole life.

She did say I need to follow up with my PC doc about my high blood pressure. It has been running higher than normal in the last few months. Also my magnesium is too low, and my calcium is too high. Weird. I don't take a calcium supplement. I do have magnesium at home, so I'll just go back on that.

I asked if there were notes about my nausea and headaches and she said no, but that she'd follow up with him on Monday.

Oy! Don't know about the rest of you but all this doctoring gets to be old. I told my PC doc today that he is getting my blood work, and to cancel my check up on 9/1. All he was going to do was check my BP and bloods. Well the Onc. did it so one less appointment to go to.

Phew! I'm going to go somewhere and just enjoy the rest of the day without worry or fretting. I want to treasure every single moment and NOT talk about health issues for months to come! LOL! Yeah right.

Have a wonderful rest of the day.

Judy in MI

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I was up and out early today, had to meet an excavator out in the swamp. He took a look at the land and said he wouldn't be able to do anything until we called DEQ to have our "wetlands" inspected and a plan drawn up. Great.

Walked out in the "wetlands" - was soaked to about my navel from the tall weeds covered in dew, but nothing squishy underfoot. Can't be a wetland if it's not really wet, can it? Just because someone threw ditch dirt on the surface of the existing dirt and the darn cattails took hold like wildfire? I would like to dig a pond in this wetland, isn't that habitat for those turtles and frogs?? Oh yeah, and the fish we would like to plant...

Biggest problem with needing the DEQ to inspect? The two month backlog... Yet another delay.

I think it may be time for a nap. Walk in tall, wet weeds, fighting off skeeters and in the humidity have a tendency to entirely drain the energy of a certain Snowflake. Yep, a nap may just be in order...

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OK I just lost my first post and that is not a good thing when I'm a 1 finger type of guy when it comes to typing !!!

Donny I think your description of the pizza and creek has everyone a little jealous. So good to hear that you had such a great day.

Now Judy in MI, do you see what happen's when you post in my air by mistake. LOL

Well I'm outta here tomorrow morning back to the farm for another couple weeks vacation. They are supposed to have the internet up and running by the end of August but I think it may be later. Take care everyone and I'll catch up with you in a couple weeks.

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We had the same issue here. The DEQ said two months plus a bribe.....errr I mean "fee". We wanted to do exactly what you are trying to do and we got stopped finally when the DEQ said this rare mosquito bug thing lived in the environment, and if we disturbed it, it'd be a problem for the bug. Phew! I'm a nature lover, but honestly don't see what mosquito's purpose in the big scheme of things. LOL

Anyway, rest.

Bruce, take care, we'll be thinking of you. Me post in your Air again. Never! :D

Judy in MI

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Good Evening Everyone,

I dont believe it Thursday and Friday two beautiful days in a row,been really busy didnt post yesterday,wanted to wish Katie well for her Chicago conference ,I am sure she will do LCSC proud.

Did the fire wardens course on Thurs,turned out good fun,the ad libs from the staff to the presenter were excellent,even he struggled to keep a straight face,we did go outside to demonstrate our ability to extinguish various types of fires by choosing the most suitable method,funny thing was ,health and safety has banned setting off fires outside due to the risk factors,so we had to pretend and spray the ground with the appropriate extinguisher.

I have been selected to attend two days of training to be a telephone buddy from referrals from Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation,next Wednesday and the following Thursday,runs 10am until 3pm,just noticed after agreeing,I made a committment to Lanarkshire County Council to attend Monklands hospital for a meeting to discuss the new proposal options for Lung Oncology Clinics in Lanarkshire,that meeting starts at 3.00pm,problem is the venues are 20miles apart,really want to go to both?.To make matters worse,the second training day,the following Thursday,is the formal opening of the our new college,it is to be opened by Scotlands First Minister Alex Salmond,and I have invited several Heads of Businesses and Organisations to attend as guests of our School (I think 16 in all)anyway my head should have done this task,so maybe I could leave him as the welcoming committee.Come on guys what would you do in both circumstances?.

Donnie while I am fighting in the rat race,I have to read your latest posting,oh how I envy your laid back attitude,birthday treats,listening to the water of the creek nearby,happy to be playing with the dog on the porch, oh I could pull out all my gray hairs,move over I want to sit down beside you and join in.

Judy Kw,Hope you are feeling better,and up for the next tour of two months in the battle bus,got my times atlas at the ready to pinpoint all your destinations,(helps makes me feel I am travelling with you).

Well happy sun tans this weekend to all of you out there,in your over 100 degrees temps,I am only jealous.

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Good afternoon, everyone!

It was a pleasant 103 degrees this afternoon as I loaded up my boat to come home from crappie fishing at Lake Granbury.

Bruce, our fish can't go too deep in most of our lakes in the summer. Lakes here stratify in the summer, setting up a thermocline, below which, there is no oxygen. So all life in the lake is shallower than that.

It's the reason that only a few of our larger, deeper lakes can support stripers and other cool water fish. Stripers want cooler water, and will go to whatever depth it takes to find it, even if that puts them so deep that they die from lack of oxygen.

The crappie bit well today in spite of the heat. If I had been keeping 10 inch fish, I could have brought home a limit of 25. But, I only kept fish that were 11 inches or better, and brought home 12.

I caught half of them under a bridge. Even at 103 degrees, in the shade of a bridge with a breeze coming across the water, it's really not hot. If I had had someone with me, I probably would have just stayed under the bridge the entire time. But, I was fishing alone, and wanted to explore some, so when fishing slowed at the bridge, I got out in the sun and tried some docks. They were holding nice fish, too.

Have a great day, all!

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Good Morning Everyone,

Hooray weekend again,time for fun and play,weather bright dry and warm(mid sixties)maybe the sun will burst through the clouds later to-day?

Oh just discovered E-bay a couple of days ago,what fun,I bid for a couple of books and I won,one book on WW11 my favourite subject,the other the complete book on accoustic guitars.Well the first book dropped through my letter box yesterday,couldnt wait to open it,excitedly tore of the wrapping only to discover a very moth eaten book circa 1942,an old library book that some had failed to return nearly sixty years ago.Well the book went straight from my hands and right into the bin,gosh I hope the next one to arrive is on accoustic guitars and not Nero's fiddle,come to think of it I have been fiddled and diddled.

Having looked forward all week,for this break,I have nothing planned,oh for a magic wand,I could be sitting on Donnies porch,playing guitar with him,or with Bud and Bruce fishing or travelling around the States with Judy?.Bud thanks for the link thermocline,see you learn something new every day,I actually stayed for a while on site,reading all about Pompeii,my favourite archaeological site on the planet,which I have visited-wow-its some place,maybe get one day to Machu Pichu?

Maybe visit Dot and Jim this afternoon,the UK soccer season re-starts to-day so I will probably be parking my butt in a chair later to watch the highlights around the UK.

Well wharever kind of day you are having,make it a good one.See you later-bye.

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