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Saturdays Air

eric byrne

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Eric, you are NOT an idiot. You are a delightful man that I thoroughly enjoy reading your posts. Sounds like your first experience with E-Bay was not good. That's too bad. We've bought a truck, and a boat on E-Bay and both were very good experiences. The only bad thing was the boat was in S. Carolina, and we had to drive through the Appalachian mountains to get it. Try pulling 10 tons on the back of a truck through steep and curving mountains. Not fun!

It's a hot one today. Not over 100 but 90 and humid. We are heading South and West to a little Artsy town called Saugatuck. We want to find some pictures for Hubs office walls. He ordered a custom table made for his office and now wants to finish the room off with a little art. I love art, so will enjoy this trip.

Hope you all have a lovely day.

Judy in MI

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Morning, glad I'm not the only one around here who makes mistakes occasionally. Kisses anyone? Happy VJ day.

I apparently woke up on the right side of the bed this morning, for me the top is always the right side. Waking up is such a bonus anyway.

Yesterday I sat and watched a squirrel through the window drinking Max's water and stealing pieces of his food. Max just laid in the shade and completely ignored it. Today we gave the squirrel his own water dish and going to buy him some peanuts, maybe get him semi- tamed, I love to watch the little animals, not birds so much but animals yes.

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend.

Think I will.


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Good Evening Everyone,

Its just about 8.30pm here sun is just begining to set on a beautiful day,sky is clear of all clouds,as from 6pm.Phoned Dot at lunchtime to see if the coast was clear for a visit to-day,she said she is setting out for Glasgow Green as the world pipe band championships are on to-day-how could I have forgotten,so we all went to-gether and what a great day it was.Now I know pipe band music may not be everyones cup of tea,and I know the quote,what is the definition of a gentleman? "One who can play the bagpipes but dosnt"but it really was something.You will be pleased to hear all you insomniacs out there Ive taken loads of pics to post in,I am going to ignore all those voices I can hear "Oh Eric please no more,you are boring us all to death" Chris left me with a foolproof programme for sending pics into LCSC only problem I printed it out at my work and left the hard copy there,fogetting to take the instructions home with me,never mind will try to send them in next week.Oh as it is billed as world champions,there were not kidding,isnt it amazing to see so many people in full Scottish National dress that were from America,Canada,Austrailia and New Zealand to name only a few,I got talking to a New Zealand piper,to ask him about the finer points of judging the difference between the quality of different bands (to my ears they all sound equally good)he said he could recognise easily the best from the rest and the judges always did a great job,I really had to laugh at his surprise that I didnt play the bagpipes myself,he was of the opinion most Scots did?.Loads of TV cameras were there,apparently the event is on the internet and being shown on UK TV sometime during the week.

Enjoy the rest of your day everyone.See you.

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Hi everyone. Beautiful day today in Green Bay temp right now is 84 degrees. Green Bay Packer pre-season game tonight. Wish I would have went out on the boat today, oh well maybe next week.

Eric, congrats on being selected to help other lung cancer patients. In answer to your question on Friday regarding conflict of obligations. This is a tough decision. You need to decide which is more important to you personally. I think with the training ending at 3pm and your meeting 20 min away at 3 pm you could probably get away with excusing yourself 30 min early and tell them why, it is for a good cause.

But how important is the opening of your new college. I did read it was being opened by Scotland First Minister, could be a honor for you to be there. I think you probably could leave the head of your department as the welcoming committee or will that upset anyone, by you not being there. Again I think you need to base it on what you feel is the most important and which one could be cancelled without it being a problem. Boy you are keeping yourself busy now, summer off, crazy rest of year :lol:

Well that's my two cents!


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To tired to post. Just wanted you all to know I read and enjoyed at your posts. Anther grueling day to go and we take off on Monday morning. Traveling should leave me more time to post if the airways cooperate. We'll be ten minutes outside of Portmouth OH from Wed on for eleven days. Figure that close to civilization, I should get internet. Better than in the middle of a corn field but still no cable lol.

Night all.

Judy in KW

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