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Mondays air


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Looks like its me this morning!

Spent the entire weekend working in Chicago and learning about the research lungevity is funding for lung cancer research.

I also gave a presentation and training on social media as well.

I'm so tired and came home late cast night to learn that my 6 yr old had given my tiny teacup yokshire terrior a haircut...she to sissors to my little dog and now she looks like a raggamuffin!

Poor thing, i understand Kennedy even tried to put makeup on the dog too. I guess she was giving it a makeover.


Hope everyone has a wonderful Monday.


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Good morning, everyone!

It was 78 degrees as I rode to work this morning. There's a 30 percent chance of storms today, and the clouds are supposed to bring about a major cool down; the forecast high is only 99......LOL.

I spent yesterday working on my first batch of my new crappie jigs. I'll need to get much faster with the manufacturing process if I expect to make anything close to minimum wage. Today is my 101st commute by bike of the year.

So Katie, your Yorkie now looks like a Chihuahua? It sounds like Chicago was a good trip. Thanks for all you do with Lungevity.

How did your husband's fishing trip go, MI Judy? I was tempted to go again yesterday, too.

Eric, it seems to mostly be red squirrels in my area, but I see a gray one now and then. They give fits to pecan gatherers here. A co-worker who only has one pecan tree says he can't manage to get any of the pecans before the squirrels do. The park where I gather pecans has such a grove of huge pecan trees that the squirrels don't get nearly all of them, but every fifth pecan you pick up seems to have a squirrel bite in it.

Have a great day, all!

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Mornall 59 degrees here, sposed to get to 80 again. Weather is too perfect like this it makes me want to do things then I get depressed to not have the breath to do them. Yesterday we tried to take a drive out to Alcova reservoir but by the time we had the truck half loaded I couldn't breath, O2 sat was down to 76% on 8 liters, decided I couldn't do anymore. I know Mary was disappointed but she doesn't show it, well not much anyway.

Mostly grey squirrels here, the one that seems to have befriended me is a mama with a bunch of babies somewhere nearby, she's still very heavy with milk it appears. She doesn't seem to bother Maxwell at all yet he goes nuts over most of them, maybe protective instinct, heck I have no idea.

Your poor Yorkie must look a fright Katie. I also have to join Bud in saying thank you for everything Katie, LUNGevity is very lucky to have you as are we.

Best of luck in your journeys Judy from KW there has to be a certain amount of enjoyment in a long trip like this even though it is for business mainly. I just love seeing different things.

The fish were very sad when I gave up fishing, I was a pretty steady source of food without being a threat to them. Probably the only person to sneak into a fish hatchery at night to fish and not catch anything. Guess I was not very good at it, yet there is no discount on the license evern if you aren't going to catch anything. Same on tackle and bait, still pay full price even if you will probably lose more lures in the trees overhead than in the water.

Have a whole day all, God's going to.


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Good Afternoon Everyone,

After the lovely weekend sunny weather we had,its back to Ditto,Home early from work to-day,the college was disposing of old gear to make way for the new,storeman asked me if I wanted a woodworking bench including two vices,well like Bruce I can enjoy when I retire some woodwork projects so the storeman followed me home with the college van,and we deposited the bench in my garage,fits perfectly and still got room for the car.

Katie,sorry I missed passing on to you a good luck message for your Chigago Conference,I knew you would breese it,and everyone would have enjoyed your talk and left the wiser of it.I think with the temperatures you currently have in Texas,one little Yorkie might actually appreciate wearing less hair until Autumn time comes round.

Bud, we also have a set minimum wage here in the UK,used to be linked to inflation,now there are moves to change its link to average earnings which would be a bit fairer.I didnt know this existed in the States,I am learning all the time.I think maybe all your gray squirrels have migrated here,must be great to have a climate where you can just go out and pick your own Pecan Nuts,oh I am so jealous.

Donnie,I am really sorry to hear about the persistance of your respitory problems,it must be so frustrating for the both of you,have you been given any reassurance by the Docs of possible improvements?.I do play frequently the national lottery here and won a few smallish prizes,if I win a reasonable biggy,youll be packing your bags and fishing gear and heading for Scotland,actually the fishing can be so good here you dont really need fishing gear,the fish just jump out the water as you pass and land at your feet(anything less than two feet long you throw back as there will be bigger ones along in a minute)

Enjoy the rest of your day everyone.

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