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Wednesday's Air


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Morning All! We were rolling in the dark this morning just past 5 am. Stan said he was so sorry to have woken me. He took a shower and in the coach you can hear most everything. It was o.k. tho because I knew he wanted to put on some miles today. We lost time yesterday. One of those times that we could have gone another hour but it would have been two or three before we hit another campground.

I so enjoyed the chatty Tuesday Air. Forgive me if I don't mention everyone but first and foremost CONGRATULATIONS NED! I could not be happier for you. Tell us what kind of car you got and what color too. Happy hunting.

Bud, I remember the pecan tree at one of the homes we lived in for a short time in PA. They weren't the best to eat but good to cook with. Pecans are absolutely my favorite nut.

Better go before I suffer the missing post experience. Have a great day everyone.

Judy somewhere in SCarolina

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Good morning all,

Boy you are up early Judy. Have fund traveling and be safe.

Ned I put a post in Tuesday for you regarding NED I am so happy for you and glad you are able to tolerate this treatment.

Today I woke up 6 am it was 57 (Brrrrrh) degrees, yikes! We had a colder front moving in, although we will hit 80 around 3 pm.

Donny and Judy in MI I am thinking about you guys/gal and waiting for your NED update!!!!!

Everyone have a great day, off to work I go and no it is not on my Bike, wish it was! Wish I was that motivated :D


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Morning all! Libby, we are just East of you and what you get, we get a few hours later after it crosses the lake. It was 62 this AM, with a high of 82 coming. Lo Humidity. We are coming into the most favorite season of the year for me. Autumn. I adore Autumn. The colors in Michigan are so spectacular, with the huge rolling hills and wonderful landscapes. We will head north in a couple of months, probably early October, to experience the beauty once again.

Have not heard from the Onc. yet. Didn't sleep great last night. I really don't know how much time to expect. When they found lung cancer, the call came 3 hours after the CT scan. So I guess today I will take this as no news is good news.

Going shoe shopping today. Hubby failed to put the puppy into the kennel before leaving for work, and she destroyed 3 pairs of my shoes. Of course they were the ones I wear all the time. I have genetically bad feet, and have to wear special shoes most of the time, and those were the ones she decided to chew up. Bad Daddy. But I get to go shopping and spend his money with glee as he thinks about what he should have done.

Judy in MI

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Good morning, everyone!

It was 76 degrees as I rode to work this morning. Forecast high is 100. There are storms just off to the northwest, but they seem to be stalling, so I'm not sure we'll get any rain here.

That's great news, Ned, congrats! Yes, I would say car shopping is in order. I had to smile at Libby's "shopping for new wheels" comment. That has a completely different meaning to me. I just bought hubs, rims, and spokes to build myself a set of new wheels for the commuting bike.

It sounds like my call for everyone to have a great day didn't work for some, yesterday, I'll try it again: Have a great day, all!

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