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Morning All! Capital letters for all you working folk. Not you Bud, I know you're out fishing by now. I'm late coming in. No excuses this time. I was up at 7 am but got stuck in Farmville. It happens from time to time lol.

Stan's been sleeping since about 7:30 am. He was called into the plant around 2 am. He was expecting it, just wasn't sure of the time. I'm getting a little batty by now trying to keep quiet. I want to go outside and work out but my clothes are in the BR where he is sleeping. I could wash dishes, etc. but him doing it always wakes me up and I don't want to return that favor lol.

Eric, it was good seeing you on yesterday. You are not long-winded, you just appear to have so much more going on in your life than many of us. The help project sounds great. Hope your daughter gets that job. Nepotism is good when it swings our way lol.

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in OH

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Morning all,

Have been up for a couple of hours getting the house cleaned up. Have a 21 year old darling coming to stay with the animals, while we head to Comerica Park for a Tigers baseball game in Detroit. We're staying at the big casino next to the park over night, thus the dogger sitter! Of course the house must be perfectly clean when having a visitor!

Spoke last night at the Cancer Walk at Grattan Raceway. What a nice thing they did to raise money for Gilda's Club. Got lots of nice comments on my speech afterwards. Even a few tears. Nice. They were good tears.

Well, going to head out. Won't be back until tomorrow afternoon, though am bringing computer in case I have a little free time.

Have a great day all!

Judy in MI

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Good Evening Everyone,

Gosh its quiet round here today?just two Judies and an Eric,has everyone gone in the huff?Well the sun has just set on another beautiful evening,August and June are usually the best months in Scotland for some reason,July is usually showery and unsettled.

Sister Irene phoned to ask a favour of me for tomorrow,could I run her and Pat,her son Craig and wife Lorna to Edinburgh,the lucky devils have got tickets for the Military Tattoo in the evening,but want to make a day of it and set off at lunch timeI have been once before and it was just stunning,makes you so proud to be a Scot,it brought a lump to my throat most of that evening,go on you great big soft lump.

Funnily enough I have invited Jennifer and Chris to see the festival in Edinburgh on Sunday as my guests,we usually go every year,and wander round the steets watching all the street theatre and performers,we also take in about three plays and have a meal,this time of the year,the atmosphere in Edinburgh is just so unique and enjoyable.The choice of venues is just staggering,but so far,touch hairy wood,we have chosen well.Oh yes you have guessed it my cameras going too,so head for the hills folks, more pics heading your way along with the pipe band championships.By the way pipe band championships recorded last week by the BBC,is being screened tomorrow night,wonder if I will see myself?.

Called to a meeting today on Self Evaluation and Curriculum Review,in prep for HMIe visit March next year Ho Hum Yawn,but the girl sitting next to me said,Eric,I was on the interview panel yesterday,interviewing your daughter,and she was really outstanding,she was so genuinely enthuesiastic about the job and responded so well to the questions put to her,she just impressed everyone on the panel,boy was my chest just about fit to burst,so she was offered a job today and starts August 30th.

Alice Foster,Research Psychologist of UCL (University College London) emailed me to confirm she will record my telephone interview with her on Wednesday evening,its a research project she is doing on lung cancer survivors for Cancer Research UK. Thats the funding body that only dishes out 4% of its research budget towards Lung Cancer-boy if I can get a little dig in there I will,hoping to raise their awareness to spend oodles more in our direction,no harm in trying.

Judy MI,enjoy the Tigers baseball game,never been to one of them,dont understand the rules,American Fooball is even worse cannot make sense of it at all.One of my colleagues at work is a great American Football Fan,strange thing is she is a woman just about to retire from work (hope that dosnt sound sexist-does it ?)Funnily enough when I was young I used to support speedway racing and the team I followed was hte Glasgow Tigers,their theme tune you might guess is "Iam a tiger" sung by Lulu (Have you heard of her-sang the theme song in Sidney Poitier's "To Sir With Love"?Good for you having the courage to speak publically at a fund raiser and with such effect,its a gift you know,well done, Judy.

Judy KW,got my Times Atlas out in front of me,just found Ohio,gosh you are so near Judy MI(about 2 inches in my map) give her a wave,yoo hoo Judy!!!.

Goodnight,see you all to-morrow,wonder how many fish Bud caught?. Bye.

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Eric, I hope you never get tired of chatting with us. I'm envious of your upcoming outing at the festival. I love the theatre and at last count I believe we have at least four--quite a lot for a two by four mile island. We also have lots of art galleries and street performers nightly at Mallory Square. I used to be out and about all the time but must admit age and cancer have taken the wind out of my sails. It is just so hard to get myself out in the evening. Don't know, but I do think I am feeling better this summer. We'll see, maybe I'll be out on the town more next winter. You will be my inspiration.

Judy in Ohio

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