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Sunday's Air


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Morning All! Changed the weather from KW on my desktop. It's 70 degrees in Portsmouth. 84 in KW. Quite a difference huh? Nice to get up to but I'm dragging this morning. My eyes have been pretty bad, burning and full of yuk so that makes it hard to wake in the morning.

Played in the computer most of the day yesterday. Went to the office and got Carol's (the manager) life history. Had coffee at a little booth there and it was fun.

Am determined to work on the books today. Have to wake up, work out and get to work in that order. Got the names of a couple of places to get a pedicure so will build that into this trip. Tough life isn't it lol.

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in Ohio

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Waiting for my shopping buddy to get out of work. He's not much for shopping, but it's a pick-up after alterations so he should enjoy the trip.

Woke up choking with sticky eyes. LOVE allergy seasons. About the only time I don't have outdoor allergies is during the winter, when the indoor allergies take over. Yuck!

Enjoy the pedi, Judy!

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It's afternoon here, and a beautiful 80 degree day with no humidity. A little too warm for opening the windows yet, but getting to 60 tonight, so definitely will open them up in a couple of hours.

What a life. Hubs is in the kitchen preparing Cornish Game Hens to pop into the Big Green Egg to smoke for a few hours. He picked up five dozen ears of the sweetest corn East of the Mississippi, and is going to zip the kernals off, flash cook them in sugar, butter and water, add iin some green, red and yellow peppers, and cool. Then pop them in the freezer so we have fresh corn off the cob all winter long.

Me? Just read the paper, and now catching up here! LOL! Rough life huh?

Tomorrow I better be getting a call from the Onc. I decided to be patient one more day since Friday was only the 2nd full day from the scan. And the experiment we did with the medications this weekend didn't work. I went off the spasm meds, upped the inderal heart med, and I'm still having flippy floppy heart beats, and my spasms are really bad. So I have to call the regular doc tomorrow and likely will be referred to a Cardiologist. I don't think they can add any more ologists to my list, I think I have one of each!

Oh well, life is still good no matter what. I woke up this morning, kissed my husband, got a little church, and now being waited on hand and foot. Love it!


Judy in MI

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All these allergy eyes - maybe it isn't Tarceva?! But can I blame allergies for the rest - probably not.

Took a car trip yesterday to Harmony Hill - a retreat center in Union, WA - overlooking Hood Canal. I went to one of their 3 day retreats last February - seeing the gardens now was spectacular. But it made for a long day and I slept almost 12 hours last night.

Woke to bake a pain au chocolate (frozen Trader Joe's product) and made a mock latte. Quiet day today, I hope.

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