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Morning All! It was funny this morning I saw Port St Lucie FL weather come up on my desktop. That's were I go to visit Wendy and Dominick. It was 76 there, 84 in KW and 66 in Portsmouth. I could get used to cool morning temps but like the 70s more than the 60s. I'm a hot house plant lol.

Stan's gone by the time I get up these days. They're working long hours at the plant just now. They sent the old man home around 4 pm yesterday because he does early early mornings better than the younger guys. The plan is for him to come home sometime in the day for me to get the car. Need to get out of the coach and get some groceries. Jeez, if I have to cook I don't know what I'll make. The man does all the cooking now and I don't even know what to cook. We have much different tastes in food. I like rice and veggies and he likes meat and potatoes :).

Becky and ts. Allergy eyes can be awful. Add to the sticky, itchy this icky fluffy yellow stuff that accumulates in the inner and outer corners. It burns the skin around the eyes too so it gets red and inflamed. My husband finally saw the yuk and said it was disgusting. Big help he is. Because of the timing from my chemo, we joked that it's the Alimta leaking out. When my allergies are being triggered, it really exacerbates the problem. It usually lasts about a week but with all the grass and trees here, I feel it will never end.

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in KW

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Good morning, everyone!

It was 81 degrees as I rode to work this morning. Forecast high is 105.

I had a busy weekend and just never quite got around to stopping by. And I was assisting a factory service tech and missed my morning break this morning.

Last week was scan week for Rose, and her follow up with the onc was on Friday. The results were NED.

We had visitors all three days over the weekend. Friday, a friend from across the metroplex came over for dinner, spent the night, and did a club ride with me in Rio Vista on Saturday morning. We did 75 miles, and it got pretty hot in the afternoon.

Rose's sister came over that afternoon. We took her to dinner, swimming, and she spent the night. On Sunday, daughter Linda and grandson Austin came over for dinner and swimming. I also built myself a set of new wheels for the commuting bike.

So, it was a busy weekend, and now here I am, meeting myself coming and going at work. Have a great day, all!

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Hi Bud. Nice to see you. When regulars on the site are gone a little while because they are busy having fun with family and friends, that's a good thing. Who's the social butterfly now lol. Sounds like I can shift that label from me to you.

Judy in OH

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Good to hear about Roses' August Scan - Amazing stories for both of you. I get my exercise by reading that you rode your bike to work - so please don't stop posting that. Judy - I know what you mean about the cooking duties - I have been a slacker the last year that's for sure. I keep one of those stoffer's frozen packages on hand just for such occasions as I'm forced to fend for myself.

Making myself hungry just thinking about it.

It's Monday again - where did the weekend go. I got to spend the day with my daughter (who turned 23 last Thursday) and the 2 adorable grand babies. Hard to believe the little one is not a year yet - he pulls himself up on his brother and walks behind him already - little speed demons.

Hope this work week flies by for the fellow workers.


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Hi folks,

Well, today was a rough day. I don't feel well at all, and my heart is skipping beats like crazy. Waiting for the doc to call with my new Cardiologist. But he said upon getting ready to hang up, if you have the slightest chest pain, get to the ER immediately. Nice and reassuring. Errrggggg.

Then I called the Onc. because I have not heard back. I'm worried because he is retiring and am I getting lost in the transition between the old Onc. and the new Onc. Well that was first thing this morning, and still no call. I'm stressed. It'll be a week tomorrow since the test. Now my brain is going through the "no news is good news", to "maybe they have to formulate the new plan, so they have not called yet" thoughts. Yuck!

I'm just in a bad mood. Head is pounding, heart is skipping beats, and I don't know if I'm NED.

Sorry, having a pity party.

Judy in MI

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Frist Bud, I was so taken with your and Rose's good times, I forgot to congratulate her. And she deserves a great big CONGRATULATIONS.

Ammette, I'm laughing because I keep Smart Ones on hand for when I have to fend for myself. That's because of the 20 lbs I gained on treatment.

Judy, I am so sorry they are leaving you hanging. Been there and done that and it's the worst--what's that word I like to use: it's uinconscionable.

Judy in KW

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