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Well, they finally called me back after 5:00 today. She was all cheery and said the test results were negative! I told her I was so worried, and why didn't they call me sooner? It's been a week.

Her response was unbelievable. She actually said to me "We don't call people back with negative results." I'm like "why would you not call people who are stressed and worried, and her response was "we have way too many patients to call back the ones that don't have disease."


So good news on that front. Tomorrow I'll be assigned to a Cardiologist to figure out why my heart is so whacky.

Life goes on.....huh?

Judy in MI

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Judy I am so HAPPY for YOU!!!!!

I could have done without the wait. Not very nice to make you wait that long, but NED makes it a lot better.

Happy Happy Joy Joy. If I could do cartwheels I would :lol:


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That's great news! Congrats, Judy! That's one less thing to worry about as you tackle the other issues. Here's hoping there's more positive news from your next doctor visits.

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