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Newbie from PA


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First off, I want to say that this site is very inspirational and the people here appear to be SO supportive. I'm so glad to have found this forum.

I, myself, haven't been diagnosed with lung cancer -- however, my mother was recently diagnosed and it's been a heartbreaking ordeal. Basically, I signed up looking for insight, advice and a *digital* shoulder to cry on.

Either way, I'm glad to be here. I hope to meet you all soon. Take care of yourselves and bless you all. :)

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Hi Angela, welcome here. Sorry for the reason you are but glad you are because this group of folks are the best on the internet. Tell us what is going on and we will do our best to help, answer questions, etc.

I am a lung cancer survivor as you know, but I also lost my Mom to the disease, and I was caregiver for her. So again, welcome here, thanks for the kind note.

Take care, and I'm looking forward to getting to know you better.

Judy in MI

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Hi Angela,

A very warm welcome to LCSC,how nice to meet a new friend,you are in for a real treat in getting to know everyone here.There are so many remarkable survivor stories here that even the most grudging pessimst would be hard pushed in not finding something that provides new hope for the future.How is your mum?perhaps you could share her cancer story here,give us some insight as to how we can best support her,you might even get her to join us online also?.Looking forward to getting to know you.Bye for now.

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