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Saturday's Air


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Morning All! Getting in early because I may not get back in today. 59 degrees this morning so I added fuzzy slippers before I put on my sweater and climbed under my coach throw.

Dececent nite night in spite of the steroids. Went to bed at 9:30 and didn't get up til five. Had to wake Stan up to go to work and that's a rare thing. He'll be beat when this job is over. I went back to bed and slept til my 6:30 alarm.

I have to get up early to get myselft out early. Am definitely not a moring person. Stan's due to come back and take me to the flea market in Wheelersburg. I prefer smaller ones in older towns and rarely get to them except these working trips. After that back to Portmouth for a pedicure. Don't treat myself often to those girly things but my daughter introduced me to the pleasure of the pedi. Can't sit still long enough to get my nails done too.

Hope for a rest in between but are going to a cookout at the home of one of Stan's friends. I met him and his wife when they came to Key West. But the others invited, I'm told, are anxious to meet me. They are Stan's hunting buddies when he comes up every year and I suspect they want to meet the woman who puts up with him lol. I did meet one young wife when we went by their house Wednesday and she was real nice. Can't imagine going in and out of their miles long dirt gravel bumpety road to go anywahere tho. Stan asked if she was wondering who was coming and she said she was wondering who was coming in a Beemer lol.

Have a great day and start to your weekend everyone.

Judy in OH

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Good Afternoon Everyone,

Cloudy bright day here to-day,sun trying unsuccessfully to break through so far,but very comfortably warm.

Not much planned this weekend,maybe visit Dot to-morrow,been to the supermarket this morning,restocked fridge and cupboards then read the morning Times newspaper,before coming on line.My daughter Jennifer has finally decided to accept the job offer to teach English at Anniesland College,she is really impressed by its facilities compared to the Private Language School where she currently teaches,there was a problem over the number of teaching hours on offer only six at the moment compared to the fifteen she currently works,but the rate of pay of $43/hour just about balances out,with the head of Dept Jim promising her more hours shortly when all the full time courses commence. I can pick Jennifer up en route to work in the morning,but unfortunately she will have to make her own way home at lunchtime Tuesdays and Thursdays.

I received an email from Susan Christie of the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation,updating me in preparation for the Lung Cancer Conference at Manchester in September,she also gave me some pointers and suggestions for my presentation as a guest speaker,thinks my job and AmDram experience will make me a natural for this big occassion,now where did I leave my nerve pills?.I am really looking forward to this event and really dont want to waste this oppertunity.

I really want my presentation to make some impact on the listeners,not for my ego,this subject is much too important for that,but to try and encourage everyone to become more pro-active in trying to bring about change in the minds of the professional medical practitioners and funding bodies,in their complacent and prejudicial attitudes towards people who have been diagnosed with Lung Cancer.I will have to choose my words carefully,that I do not embarrass the Roy Castle LC Org,as they have given me the priviledge of sharing their platform with me,as they have to work with goodwill and in harmony with all the special interst groups involved with Lung Cancer.

In drafting my presentation,I would be most happy to receive any suggestions you may wish to contribute for inclusion,my understanding from what I have been reading in the forums,that we may be separated by an Ocean,but there isnt a Ocean of a difference in the problems we face.

Bye just now.

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Hi everyone, Hope you all have a nice weekend.I dont know how many of you bank online but I think I will check mine a little more often. I was at walmart 2 differant times on Friday and both times I had a little problem getting my debit card to work. I had to swipe it a couple of times to get it to work and one time the checkout lady had to do it punch in numbers to get it to go thru. Anyway last night I was checking my account online and noticed it double charged me on both purchases. I went out today and they refunded my money but they said that was a rare incident.(Two times in one day,rare?) Anyway I just thought I would let you know so that maybe you might wanna check your account if you have trouble with card.

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Sounds like nice Saturdays all around. We had a wonderful time last night. Went to a friends house on a lake nearby, and boy do they have a BBQ set up by the water. Had a Gazebo, a bar, BBQ, fire pit, water, sun, great food, wine, and lots of new friends. Turns out most of these people were at the cancer walk where I did my speech, and they were full of compliments on how much the speech touched them.

Had a wonderful time. It did get into the 50's by 11:00 so we went home, too cold for me without a coat.

Today is gorgeous. Supposed to get to 87 today but no humidity so it's quite pleasant. Got laundry done, hubs mowed and now I hope we head out to Lake Michigan to enjoy the rest of the day.

Judy, I don't know how you do it. For not being a morning person you sure do get up early! I am totally not a morning person, and languished in bed with the windows open and the cool morning air wafting over me, until 9:30. Felt so good to sleep in.

And I can't do pedi's Judy. My feet have been operated on so many times the scar tissue is abundant and it hurts to have anyone handle my feet. So I get my nails on my hands done. Yesterday was my girlie day with a manicure, and then hair color and cut. Got it cut very short, and am loving it.

Eric I'm sure you will represent your organization well. Your daughter makes $43 an hour????? Wow, that is good money in the States!

Good note about the debit card. I do get my daily balance in my email so I do keep a good eye on the account and can question anything that looks out of the ordinary. See if you can get a daily notification!

Well, have a good one all!

Judy in MI

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Judy in OH did Friday's Air on Saturday and everyone folllow suit and didn't even notice. LOL

It is really Saturday now, late afternoon in fact. I'm jut coming in--that opening was Friday. Overdid big time yesterday so am laying really low today. Got the Alimta rash my onc talked about early in the game big time last night and today. Probably from overdoing. Will tell you all about my Saturday on Sunday lol.

Judy in OH

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I did notice two airs opening yesterday, but who needs to complain?

Slept well last night. Wore myself out with a bit of yard work yesterday. Doesn't seem to take much. It has definitely cooled around here. Sweatshirt and jeans so far today. Helping the rash calm down.

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Good evening, everyone!

I finally got home from HHH. I'm a tired camper, but I had a blast. I ended up finishing the ride in 5:42. I wasn't very happy with that time. I've done it faster twice before, and I'd been riding pretty strong this year. Last month, I finished the 70 mile hilly Goatneck route with an 18 mph average on the bike. I really thought I could average closer to 20 mph on the flatter HHH course, but ended up with the same 18 mph average.

But I guess it's all relative. I remember that just after I started riding, I made my biggest goal being someday able to do a 6 hour century, and I wondered if I'd ever be able to do it. Now, I'm an almost 60 year old lung cancer survivor, and I'm complaining because I can't do a 5 hour century. I guess I really shouldn't complain.

Mike, your debit card story reminded me of my debit card adventure on the way home today. I rode to HHH with friend DJ. We stopped, just after leaving for home, to fill his vehicle with gas, and I attempted to pay for it with my debit card.

I tried several times, and couldn't get it to work. I'd never made a trip with DJ before, and I figured he had to be starting to wonder about my financial situation by then. Finally, I pulled out a credit card and it worked fine. Only after he started putting gas in did I notice the sign on the pump that said debit cards weren't working on the pump right now........LOL. Maybe I better check my account online this evening...

Judy, I did notice the extra Air. I never like it when people point out senile things I do, so I just wasn't going to say anything. tongue.gif

Have a great weekend, all!

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