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A-L-K Protien Treatment!


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A new drug for lung cancer treatment is in clinical trials and for one 28-year-old Florida woman, it has saved her life.

The drug is in trials at five locations around the world with one of those trial locations being the University of Colorado Cancer Center in Aurora, Colorado.

Twenty-eight year old Lindsay Gomes lives in Florida, but comes to Colorado once a month. Gomes was diagnosed with stage four lung cancer. After months of chemotherapy, the cancer did not get better. Her doctor in Florida heard about the clinical trial and sent a tissue sample to Dr. Ross Camidge. After testing, doctors found a specific protein in Gomes’ tissue and she became eligible for the clinical trial.

After a short time of taking three pills twice a day, Gomes now appears to be cancer free. Dr. Camidge says the after using the drug, there is no evidence of active cancer in Gomes’ lungs. Dr. Camidge says for him, this is the most exciting thing he’s seen in oncology.

Dr. Camidge says he want other patients to see if they could benefit from the medicine, but warns every cancer and every patient are different. Camidge hopes a different pill for different people will have the same results and that’s the end of cancer.

As for the results with this drug, Camidge says only 23-people in the world have been treated, but in almost all of them there have been dramatic responses.

Camidge would like lung cancer patients to be tested to see if they have the A-L-K protein to see if the drug works for them. Camidge says lung cancer patients need to ask their doctor to test for the protein.

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Very exciting news! !!!!

Actually talked to my doc about this issue. AND ALL THANKS TO YOU AND LUNGEVITY FORUM!!! Otherwise I'd never found out about these things!

She directed my email to "genetics lab" which apparently still have my tissue sample but it turned out that I didn't have the gene mutation (I think it was for the critonizib? medicine). But it was definitely worth a shot!


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