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Monday's Air

Bud Baker

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Good morning, everyone!

It was 77 degrees as I rode to work this morning. Forecast high is 94, with a 40 percent chance of rain. It sure beats the 100+ degree days we had for so long. And even though it's still getting in the 90's, the days are getting shorter enough that it doesn't just sit at the high temperature of the day for hours.

I got up and went fishing yesterday morning. Fishing was a bit tough, but I was still enjoying being out of the water so much that I stayed out all day, and eventually caught enough crappie for dinner. Daughter Marie and granddaughter Chloe came over and joined us for a fish dinner.

I forgot to mention that my friend DJ, who I rode to HHH with, is also a cancer survivor. In 1992, he had a malignant melanoma removed from his back. They also removed a bunch of lymph nodes, and sent him home with tubes and drain bags. Even back then, he was a cyclist, and he found that by putting the drain bags in a fanny pack, he was able to ride a few miles on his upright bike. Hearing his story reminded me of my own fight to get back on the bike after surgery. He lives in Burleson, just 5 miles from me.

Have a great day, all!

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Good for you Bud. Inspiring indeed. Keep telling us what you are doing so others can see that lung cancer survivors do not have to be limited in what they do.

Yesterday was the warmest day of the summer for us in Michigan. Yet it still didn't get to 100 Bud. But it was in the mid 90's and extremely humid, which made it terribly uncomfortable. On days like that I just don't even go outside. I did laundry, went grocery shopping, and just got caught up on house work.

Called the neurologist today. The spasms are better than they were but I think I need to take a higher dose of the medicine. Waiting for a call back to confirm that this will work.

I see the Cardiologist Wednesday. His name is Mulligan, not hard to forget if you like golf, which I do. So we shall see what is making my heart be all flippy and whacky.

What is awesome is that the holiday weekend is coming up and we're getting a cool front that will bring temps into the 70's. LOVE IT! I want to take a trip to Northern Michigan, and am going to approach hubs and see if we can pull that off.

Well, have a great day everyone!

Judy in MI

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Good Evening Everyone,

August has been kind to us Scots,lots of fine sunny days,Sunday and to-day was no exception.We dont get the temperatures you guys are used to,but for myself I find high sixties and seventies prefectly tee-shirt comfortable.Sunday was the second one in a row I gave church a miss,woke up on Sunday morning to sunshine and clear blue skies,phoned Dot to see if she was available for a wee run into the countryside she was and Sally and I,Dot and Jim,set off for a drive to Loch Lomond.

We are really lucky to live in this part of Scotland,despite the annual rainfall,as we have surrounding us some of the worlds most beautiful scenery,Loch Lomond is only about one hours drive away,had a nice relaxing stop there on its "bonnie banks" bought some ice-creams for one of these old fashioned pedal bicycles that has an ice cream box at the front,havent see one of these since I was a little kid.

Left Loch Lomond after taking a few pics (of course) to drive up to a beautiful little village in the Trossachs called Killin,this village has the "Falls of Dochart" passing through it,they are lovely gentle waterfalls passing through lots of rocks that have been weathered by the water over the centuries.There is a quaint old hotel there called The Falls of Dochart,that we entered and had a nice dinner,bang went my diet again.Dont know if I had mentioned before,but since my lung op in Jan 2009 my weight has gone from 13stone to over 15 stone,I know Americans measure weight in pounds,so 182lbs to 195lbs respectively and I am only a little guy at 5ft 8inches,my excuse is I have very heavy bones?.

Well we left Killin after a bit of sight seeing,then on up to Ben Lawers and Loch Tay,what can I say at the risk of boring you to death completely,the scenery was just absolutely stunning added to by the weather being at its best,you could see for miles and miles.Returned homewards through Stirling and passing below its castle set up high on a rocky outcrop.Dropped into Dots for a coffee and chat then home about 9pm,end of a perfect day.

Bud congratulations on completing The Three Hs,I really had to smile about you feeling slightly disapointed in not finishing approx five hours,you really are an example to all of us here,I am really so proud to know you.

Well its 8.45pm now and the sun has now completey set,its been another beautiful day,too bad I was at work.

Goodnight everyone,enjoy the rest of your day.

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Hey folks

Back to work and that great invention called the internet. Had a great time at the farm and alot accomplished. Only 4 more work days and then another 3 weeks vacation ! I do not expect to get much completed in those 3 weeks. My farm is in a Canada goose flyway and the hunting is maybe the sceond best in Canada. So I've gotten alot of new " friends " because of this. As soon as I got to work this morning another " friend " dropped by to ask about staying at the farm next week. I'm sure that I will have plenty of company during hunting season. Oh well, nothing wrong with company.

Well it is certainly not in the 90's here. had our first frost yesterday morning and the temperature dropped to just below freezing. Even for the north, it is an early frost. In the last week the leaves have changed color's. nothing like walking through the woods in the fall of the year with freshly fallen leaves and the aroma is great.

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