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Tuesday's air


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...subtitled "Someone Turn Down the Sauna, Please."

Yet another hot and humid day. Plan on spending the morning with my guy, seeking truck parts at local junkyards. Yee-haw, y'all!

Thank goodness my car has a super-frosty air conditioner. Shouldn't be too bad if I can just stay in the car and let the man do all the business. I made the calls yesterday to save on the run-around.

Getting the boy motivated for his second week of college. Sending him off with breakfast, since I don't leave before him to go to work any longer. Maybe by the time I find a job, he'll be back in the rut of school and have a job of his own.

Have fun out there, and stay cool!

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Cool here, 48 now on it's way to 70 for a high... I love it.. Been having some really hard days again, waking up in the midst of the night and can't breathe, coughing like crazy, my throat is very very raw. It's really frustrating to have one or two fairly decent days and then 6 or 10 days of real misery. Just back and forth. Still trying to enjoy the good days and be grateful to just wake up.

Have a great day all.


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Morning All! Dang I just lost my post so won't have patience for much. The internet stinks. We've been traveling north on the western side of West Virginia. Rugged beautiful but desolate country. We stayed at a campground behind a Days Hotel last night. Stopped early because there wasn't a KOA for more than a 3 hr drive. Didn't want to take a chance we'd find something on the way.

They put us way up in the campground because we needed a pull thru and they were full down below. We got to see the ampitheater and facilites building on the way out. There was a building I think with a little restaurant and a fireplace outside with tables and chairs. Really nice. We may stop here again when we are in the area and try to get one of the pull-thrus down there.

Becky, thanks for opening. I'm losing patience with the internet thru West Virginia. Hopefully we'll get to civilization soon. Still no cable in site though.

Donny, I'm so sorry you're having a rough time of it again. My post chemos haven't been so great lately either. The naseau wasn't so bad this time but I have sores on the corners of my mouth. Have had them before too. They start as red inflamed areas then after a day or two get scaby. Better than not being able to breathe but hurt like hell and then I know the eye thing will follow right behind. O.k., done whining lol.

Almost lost this so have a great day everyone!

Judy in KW

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Good morning, everyone!

It was 79 degrees as I rode to work this morning. Forecast high is 97. That south wind was tough on the ride home with tired legs, yesterday. It's blowing again today.

MI Judy, I need a Mulligan on my lungs. Eric, it sounds like you had a great day out, Sunday. It seems that most of us battle the weight thing. Those who end up on steroids for a long time can never seem to get their weight where they want it while taking them, and even for those of us lucky enough to return to reasonably good health without continued steroids, it's still a challenge. We get into the "do whatever you have to do not to lose weight" mode during surgery and chemo, and it seems to be a hard mindset to get rid of.

I finally got back to my target weight this spring. Even with all the miles I ride, I carried 10 pounds or more too much for a year and a half. I'm having no problem maintaining my weight while it's so hot and I'm riding so many miles, but as soon as the fall weather is here, I'll have to make some changes to keep my weight where I want it.

I hope you're feeling better today, Donny. Have a great day, all!

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Good morning all. Well, it's noon now, but none the less. I'm with you Becky, turn down the sauna. It's 95 here and so so humid.

Waiting for the cable guy again! He didn't have the right equipment the last time, promised to come back and didn't. So had to call the Call Center in India and try to explain to Bjarma (but you can call me George) what we originally ordered, didn't get, and would like it now. I have zero confidence that he got it right, and fully expect to have another unfruitful time.

Yesterday was not a good day. Donny I feel so bad for you having so many bad days. For some reason my spasms were horrible yesterday. Called the neurologist, and they tripled the dose on the Baclofen. Had a bad night inspite of the triple dose, but seem to be better today. So discouraging. I need to read the side effects too because my vision in my left eye is weird. Theres like a jagged streak of brightness that vibrates and is very distracting.

Whatever.................I'm so sick of being sick and talking about it, I think I'll just start lieing to people because it's just getting so old.

Can you tell I have a bad attitude today? I need to get some ice cream, cool off and sweeten up.

Take care,

Judy in MI

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Good Evening Everyone,

Another beautiful sunny day here,seems its to last right up to the weekend,we are being spoiled.

Well jennifer started teaching to-day in the college,made her own way in,seems I go in far too early for her.She was just sharing a class with another teacher just now and unpaid to boot,anyone in the UK working with children and vulnerable adults have to submit to a investigation into your past,to see if you have a criminal record or other misdemeaners,the process is called Disclosure,and if you are teaching,we have to have gone through Enhanced Disclosure,dont know if you have this in the States?Anyway,until Jennifers clearance is through she will not be paid,partly her own fault,when we were at the Edinburgh Festival,she cleared out her bag of all the flyers she had been handed and put them in the bin in a toilet,also including her completed form,so she had to get another one causing a few days delay.

Donny glad you are now having temperatures you feel more comfortable with,sorry to hear about your disturbed sleep with coughing and breathing problems,wish they could do something to make you more comfortable,broken sleep can be a real pain in the butt.Would an oxygen cylinder on stand by for your worst occassions not bring you some relief?wishing you better health ASAP.

Judy still on the road enjoying yourself whilst we are all working our fingers to the bone sorting out all the problems of the world.Pardon my ignorance again but what is a KOA thats three hours drive down the road? and a pull through, sorry thru, closest I can think of is a jocular reply to a friend who has complained of feeling bloated or suffering constipation,you reply with you need a pull through with a Christmas Tree.

Bud,Oh dear I really am struggling with Americanisms to-night,lets get this right "You need a Mulligan on your Lungs,right?.Well I heard Judy MI,mentioning him I thought in a golfing connection,so why would you want a golfer on your lungs,sure beats me?.Started my diet yesterday,porridge for breakfast,pre-packed mixed fruit salad for lunch,single course evening meal,no sweet to follow,I will lose these extra pounds even if it kills me.

Judy,Have I misread your posting,did you say you had to deal with a business problem through a call centre in India,well it really is a small world,I thought this problem was exclusively a UK one,oh these calls are so frustrating,sometimes you just feel like banging your head off a wall trying to be understood,maybe its just my Scottish accent?I really think its a cunning plan by big businesses to stop bothering them, and send you off to India, never to be heard of again.

Goodnight everyone,enjoy the rest of your day.

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Hey folks

Bit of a mozzy/mausy day here today. Eric you may be familiar with that term. Was quite common back in Newfoundland but I haven't heard it in a long time.

With all the internet problems, you must be enjoying so much more of the scenery Judy. LOL You will certainly run into problems in farmville and then you will get another message from Gail. LOL

This winding down at work before leaving is getting boring. Very unlikely that my replacement will be hired before I leave so I'm just trying to write down as much information as I can. would have been so much easier to have an overlay. especially since I gave 2 1/2 month's notice !!!!

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