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Wednesday's Air


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Morning All! Just wrote a long chatty Air and forgot to hit submit before I logged off the net. Think I'd better take a Hall Pass soon. This is my people part of the trip. And yes Bruce, with all the internet problems, I've been spending a lot more time up in the passenger seat with Stan. And he did just mention that since we won't be traveling home til Oct, we should see some changing tree colors. It used to be spectacular here in Kutztown when we lived here.

I went back to see the source of Bud's comment about weight. Yes, I am one of those people on steroids long term and it's a constant struggling not to just keep gaining and gaining. I'm up 20-22 lbs depending on what day you weigh me and every 3 weeks, I fight not to go higher. Wish I'd started sooner.

Have to do some work in the RV office today. Will probably go out to an antique/junk shop we like later. Don't know if we'll start visiting yet today. It was a rough travel day yesterday, especially for Stan since mapquest took him across a long tough mountainous route. When he checked in here the RV wouldn't start again when he came back out. 15 or 20 nervous minutes before he got it started. He is the man!

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in Kutztown, PA

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Good morning, everyone!

It was 78 degrees as I rode to work this morning. Forecast high is 96, and there's a 40 percent chance of thunderstorms.

I ended up with 737 miles on the bike in August. That's less than June and July, but with all the 100+ degree days we had in August, I'm thinking that's not a bad thing.

Ok, Eric, the Americanisms. In golf, a Mulligan is a do-over. So I was joking that I need a do-over on my lungs. MI Judy's remark about talking to a guy in India when she called for technical assistance is a common complaint in the US these days. More and more companies here, it seems, are abandoning their call centers here in favor of cheaper ones in India. So, when you call for technical help, you get to talk to someone in India, often someone who hasn't spoken English for very long.

Road Warrior Judy, hopefully the RV starting problem was just a one time thing. MI Judy, I hope you feel better today. Have a great day, all!

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Sounds like Stan is a keeper Judy. LOL I knew he was a great cook but a mechanic as well !!!!

Bud my jaw dropped when I read that you rode 737 miles and that was a low month ! That is impressive.

I also had the weight issue's with steroids. I gained almost 50 lbs. I think it was a combination of the steroids, quitting smoking, and I was sitting around at home recovering after my operation. It was during the winter and going outside in -40 degree weather after having a lung operation wasn't fun. But for me the gain wasn't too bad. I was slim before so the extra weight only put me 15 lbs over where I should have been. Getting the extra weight in the proper areas is a complete different story. LOL

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Morning all, had a much better night last night. Maybe the meds needed a couple of days to kick in. Anyway, at volunteer work today until my appointment with the Cardio doctor.

Weight gain was not an issue with me as complications from the lung surgery forced me to eat only fruits and vegetables for a month, which forced 35 pounds of weight loss. Not being heavy in the first place, I looked very gaunt. Then I totally struggled with appetite and the taste of food through the chemo, everything tasted like metal, and I didn't want to eat. So the weight gain for me came after treatment. If it were a perfect world, I'd lose 10 pounds, but am not worried or concerned. I'm pretty happy at the weight I'm at.

It's raining here and supposed to drop about 20 degrees in the next 24 hours. Can't wait!!!!!

Puppy Olive got into a mud bath yesterday. I was all dressed up to go to a Gilda's Club event, and had to dress down, and give her a shower. She of course shook several times before I could get her in the shower, so walls and floors had to be washed as well. I love having a puppy!

Anyway, got to go and eat before the doctor appt. Take care everyone,

Judy in MI

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MI Judy,

I just read yesterday's air and wanted to remark on that jagged eye thing. I have periodically for years gotten this eye thingy which I describe as a lightening bolt that has been cut with pinking shears. It can last from a very few minutes, up to 1/2 hour. It is an optical migraine, and it is probably attributed to stress. Doctors not concerned. Hope that is what you have since it is nothing to be worried about.

Just get rid of the stress in your life, hahahahaha

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Oh Bud, your post reminded me Eric asked about a "pull thru." Something else too but I can't remember lol. Eric, a pull thru is a RV site that you can pull thru one side and out the other when you are towing a trailer or car. Otherwise, you usually back in and it has to do with what side the facility hook-ups are on. This RVing is complicated business lol. I've also learned to ask if there is a problem with low hanging trees because we're higher than the average coach. Oh and then there is do you have cable or internet service with the answer to the first being normally "no."

Yes Bruce, Stan is a man of many talents. When he worked for the corp who sold and isntalled furnaces (for melting metal), they used to call him the hammer and hatchet man. It was a compliment. If there was a tough installation, trouble-shoot or repair, he was the man who would get it done one way or the other.

Was a beeosh (Eric, say it like it's spelled, you must know what that means) while I was working in the computer this morning. Everything was going wrong. Needless to say, Stan backed off Jack lol. Feeling better now but need to get ready to go out.

Judy in Kutztown.

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Judy in K-town,

I think I mentioned it before, but my Dad is a retired metallurgist. His last job was as a consultant to a metal maker just outside Reno. I think his favorite days were in the shop helping the guys make better products by altering their production techniques. Somehow, I never got to visit him on those jobs.

Off to the dermatologist today - see if she has any suggestions for Tarceva rashes. I'm taking a spreadsheet of what everyone has tried, if I can figure out how to print it!

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...pinking shears...optical migraine...

I have those too! Sometimes once a month, sometimes every few days, sometimes not for several months. It's like somebody put a dab of black grease in one eye which blocks the vision of the lower half of that eye, but the edge is jagged, like it was cut by pinking shears, and not exactly horizontal but from upper left to lower right. The first time it happened, which was several years before I got cancer, I actually went to a mirror thinking something had gotten into the eye. The blockage slowly moves down in the field of vision and disappears within a few minutes.

Several times I've mentioned it to my ophthalmologist (did I spell that right?), who I see every 4 months as a follow-up for glaucoma (which I've had for 35 years, thankfully with no vision loss). With his sophisticated equipment he doesn't see any problems which could be causing it, and chalks it up to optical migraine. As I learned a while back, migraine can cause all sorts of weird stuff and doesn't necessarily involve a headache.


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Good Evening Everyone,

Another fine sunny day here,I am just loving this weather hope it lasts through the weekend.

Not much to report since last night,another busy day at work,class in the afternoon,morning spent sorting out new students problems,mainlly burseries and EMAs (educational maintenance allowances) also timetable and accommodation foul ups,not my fault,honest.

Surfing the net last night,got a warning that a virus was trying to access my laptop,I was directed to click some box to activate some defence system,since I have lost my accesss here through Internet Explorer,all it says is"cannot display the webpage" and the trouble shooter couldnt identify the problem.Fortunately I can enter through Firefox by typing in www.cancergrace.org and then click on LUNGevity.Seems I will have to get Chris to fix this one for me.

Hi Judy,thanks for the pull through explaination,sorry but beeosh is a new one to me also,suppose it fits with my last paragraph?.My worst nightmare on a wild mountain road and the car wont start,crumbs,I really have little idea what happens under the cars bonnet,so I would have to wait for the RAC or AA rescue,your are really lucky to have Stan on Stan-by, LOL.

Bud thanks for the Mulligan explaination.Re-Indian call centres,it is common knowledge in the UK,that Americans do not accept second rate services,so if you want their custom you have to be on your toes at all times.Seems strange to me that these call centres in India are accepted by Americans,in fact in the UK recently due to customer pressure one of our major banks has closed down an Indian site and resurrected its UK call centre.

Well apart from still sticking to my diet,nothing else happening here to pass on,so goodnight everyone,enjoy your evening, mine is just about over.

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Thanks for the optical migraine idea. I have decided that I'm getting all the stress out of my life today. Just throwing it out with the trash! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!

Eric, what you got was a virus! The warning is the beginning, and it tempts you to click on the link for the fix, and the fix is the virus. I'm so sorry you got hoodwinked by them. Never ever respond to those warnings. They get people scared and then they act quickly and get the bug. I'm sure you have a virus checker software on your computer. Run a virus check and you should be good to go.

Judy, I think Eric might have gotten it if you spelled bitsch! LOL!

Have a good night.

Judy in MI

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