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I'm stuck...


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because of what I do 10-12 hours a day...I am constantly reminded of what we went thru and how much I miss my dad and my mom and countless others I've known and lost thru-out almost 8 years of advocacy.

No need to reply...I'm just having a broody sad day...a special person from my in-person group is leaving the state to spend his "last days" with his son..(treatment is not stopping his cancer) and that makes me very sad...then in 4 days it will be the anniversary of my dad's passing....

I know my parents would be proud of me now...they were proud of me before they died....I know this is my calling and my lifes mission....but some weeks are dreadfully hard to do what I do.

I just hate feeling "stuck" in this grief cycle.....

It will pass once we pass labor day...then it will come back again during the holidays and the anniversary of my moms passing....just a cycle...that I'm stuck in....and I hate it.

Thanks for letting me vent today.

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Not sure how you do it. It is kind of a life suck. I can close myself off for a day, knowing it never goes away. You can take a mental health day, but the work is never done. I do hope you take those feel good days - they are more important than sick days in the big scheme of things.

Coming up my Mom's anniversary as well - half my life ago. 9/6/83.


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Hey Katie,

I'm with you. I'm active at Gilda's Club, which is a cancer support and grief support organization. I'm active here. I'm a cancer mentor to many. In addition, I belong to another web site that helps people quit smoking.

My life has been consumed by cancer, and the only way I can feel complete is by fighting back. I won't let cancer win. I will do all I can to beat it back. But it's a battle isn't it? I have days where all I want to do is sleep.

Hang in there. The fight is a tough one. But we are winning. Yeaah for us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Judy in MI

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