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Help -- is this normal???


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Hi, all. I've been offline for a while because between looking for my mom and looking for a job, I can't keep up.

I'm going up north to spend a week with my mom. As I've mentioned, She's got Stage 3a, Squamous cell, lung cancer. She has had terrible problems with nausea, so they've put her on the pot pill (this version's name is called Cesamet). She just went up to 2 mg. and she's got 2 more infusions to go (1 really bad one). The oncologist said that they didn't have to continue (because she is suffering so much).

Here's my question. She is definitely very, very confused sometimes -- slurring her words, unsteady, forgetting things, etc. I'm assuming that's a cumulative effect of the chemo and the pot pill, but because she's had a history of depression and 2 psychotic episodes, my dad and I are very concerned.

Can you tell me if you or your loved one felt this way towards the end of your chemo treatment -- especially if you were on the pot pill?

I'm leaving tomorrow aft, and they have an "antique" computer, so I'll probably only receive any responses I get before I leave. But many thanks for your feedback -- I'll eventually get it.

Thank you!


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I found chemo to cause a condition called "chemo brain". I definitely suffered from this. It was a total lack of short term memory. But I never slurred my words. Nor was I unsteady. I just had a lack of short term memory. I think I could say I was somewhat confused, but only because of my lack of short term memory.

I have no experience with the "pot pill", so can't speak to that. However back in the day (in the 70's) I did smoke pot and it never made me confused or unsteady.

So I don't know what else to tell you. I'd be concerned about brain mets. I'd also ask the doctors to be very honest with you about her condition. If they are so willing to discontinue her chemo, I wonder what they are thinking about her long term survival.

I'm so sorry to be so blunt about this. But I've been through it all, and want to be honest and open with you. I don't want you to not know the realistic side of this disease. You have my phone number, if you want to talk, feel free to call me.

Love to you and praying for the best.


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Judy, please don't worry about being blunt, frank or realistic. I'm the only one in my family who is all of those things given I'm the primary caregiver. She just had a CATScan a month ago and they said her brain was clear.

The offer to discontinue chemo, I hope and I believe, is because she's suffering so much and because the difference between having it and not having it is only 8%. I pray that they're offering her that option because the odds aren't that much better anyway.

But I really appreciate you bringing up all these issues. I have already asked to speak to the oncologist alone -- no response. I'll keep trying. And thank you! Be as blunt as you need to be. Thank you!

Talk soon Love,


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