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Monday's Air

Bud Baker

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Good morning, everyone!

It was 58 degrees here Saturday morning. We hadn't seen anything nearly that cool since spring. But it warmed up quickly, and this afternoon will be another day in the 90's.

I rode 50 miles from home Saturday, stopping in at City Cyclist for a visit. Sunday, Rose and I did a short ride at Lake Benbrook. This morning, we're headed out crappie fishing.

The rest of the weekend, I've been working on the web pages for my business. It's a lot of work getting the pages created, just like I knew it would be.

Have a grea Labor Day, all!

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Happy Labor Day to the USA folks!

Woke up this morning in a panic. Hubby was not home, so I thought it was Tuesday, and the window washers were due here at 9:00 and it was 8:30. I threw off the covers in a panic, rushing to get cleaned up before the crew showed up, and then saw Hubby's note on the white board.

He went to the Med Center due to a systemic reaction to poison ivy. It was so bad his eyes were swollen almost shut. He's at the pharmacy now getting prednisone and an allergy medication. Whew!!!!

Window washing crew won't be here til tomorrow! I wondered how Labor Day went by so fast! HA HA HA HA HA!!!!

Anyway, today is cloudy and humid. Going to get hot today. We'll likely just stay inside and veg. Good day for that.

Judy in MI

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Good Evening Everyone,

No mail on Sunday?everyone away enjoying a Labour Day Weekend break methinks.Well it had to happen,the ridge of high pressure over the UK has decided to leave us for pastures new,replaced with a low-pressure one,cloudy to-day but dry and warm,I notice on my drive to work in the morning the tree lined Great Western Road,the first signs of Autumn are beginning to show on the leaves.

Enjoyed the party at Susans on Saturday night,all the usual suspects turned up,quite an age spread 4-87years old.great fun with Max playing hide and seek,I was left in charge of the Barbie,feeding 30+ guests,I managed fine and so far I havent received any phone calls about food poisoning.

I t really is a small world,I got into conversation with a woman ,who told me she wont be staying very late as she was flying to Germany in the morning to give a presentation to a medical conference on the developement of a new drug her team have developed ,intrigued I asked her what is the drug for?Lung Cancer she replied adding, but its not for you Eric,its for 3Bs onwards,she must have got a briefing from my sister Irene on my situation.She also said she couldnt discuss with me any aspect of the drug because its all very hush- hush at the moment,I will keep you informed if I hear anything later on.

I have decided to hold the next party at my house in a fortnight,barbie subject to Scottish weather,you are all cordially invited,with or without the Keg Bus.

Managed to get Jennifer and Chris out on Sunday for dinner and then slip in,"Chris I think my laptop has been infiltrated by a virus" I think he took about two hours to flush my system clean,at one point threatened to take my laptop away to re-install Windows 7,however job done and dusted.Also gave me additional infro in a booklet form in how to install my photos in the laptop into a folder and prepare for mailing them,too late to-night to try,but will have a go on Wednesday.Tuesday night I will be out bowling.Well hope you all had a great holiday,enjoy the rest of the day-bye.

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Evening All! Hope everyone had a good holiday weekend. Of course mine seems it will never end--well at least until mid Oct lol.

This is why Stan and I continue to work. Buzzed around the beautiful Kutztown countryside and then to NJ where we both grew up. We're parked in my cousin/sister's yard and it's lonesome without her here. She and her husband travel to their son's for a week every labor day. We could have driven a moderate distance to a picnic at my nephew's house but we just needed a day off. Day off! Stan washed the motorcoach. As my sister said, he's not just hosing it off, he's washing it? Yes, washing it top to bottom. We picked up mail here and I had some work in the computer.

I wish I would get off my lazy butt and take pictures. My counsin's home is just down the way from the farmhouse where I grew up with she and her sister and my sisters, five girls in all. I love seeing the old farm. It's not all there but they have preserved the old farmhouse, the three bay detached garage, the cold celler or pump house (can't remember which???) and the main barn. The people who bought it are Korean and have quite a farming business. They have processing buildings, and storage buildings, and greenhouses. I understand they grow a lot of Korean food, lots of it greens and they grow stuff all year. Hope when my cousin gets back, her husband can take me there and show me around. My beautiful grandson Dominick is half Korean and is enamoured with learning about his Korean culture. I'd love to be able to share some with him.

Bud, sounded like you and Rose had an all-around good varied weekend. Judy you are too much! I can just picture you flying around on the "wrong day." Eric that was really a coincidence meeting the woman with inside dope on treatment for us 3bs forward. I'm one and will love it when you are able to share with us here in the States.

Have a good evening everyone.

Judy in Jacksonville, NJ

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