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Tuesday's Air

Bud Baker

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Good Morning, everyone!

It was 74 degrees as I rode to work this morning. Forecast high is 89. With Hermine bearing down on us, my chances of getting home this afternoon without getting drenched aren't looking too good. I was ahead of the rain, riding to work, and forecasts were showing an afternoon break from the rain before the heaviest hit tonight, but now it's really looking like there will be no break from the rain today. Can someone give me a boat ride home?

Rose and I brought home a mess of crappie yesterday, and daughter Marie and granddaughter Chloe came over and joined us for a fish dinner. I spent a few hours experimenting with a PayPal shopping cart for my site. It's looking easier than I expected.

Have a great day, all!

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Wow Bud, hope the ride home is a safe one. Didn't hear about this latest hurricane. Will have to check it out.

It's gorgeous here, 70 degrees, sunshine, and I can not complain. Been at volunteer work since 8:30 and it's 3:30! Way busy today. Window washers came today, can't wait to get home and see the clean windows. I know it sounds weird to have someone clean your windows, but when we built our home, we wanted tons of windows, I think I counted them once and there were 105 of them. So it will be good to see through them again.

Had a fantastic day yesterday. I tackled a huge project and I've been putting this project off ever since I got cancer. Didn't think I had the stamina to do it, but I did it. And it felt so good! Without spasms! Yippee!

Judy in MI

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