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Wednesday's Air

Bud Baker

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Good morning, everyone!

It was 74 degrees with torrential rain when I got up this morning, so I left the bike in the garage and drove to work. I know it's raining hard when neither dog bothers to get out from under the covers when I get up. Forecast high is 84, and we're under a flash flood warning right now.

We've aleady gotten 7 inches of rain. I think 2 inches of that fell while I was riding home yesterday. It was one of those days when I needed windshield wipers on my sunglasses.

Sounds like you've been doing great this week, MI Judy. Here's hoping it continues. Have a great day, all!

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Afternoon All! 87 degrees in Pittsgrove NJ today but will drop to 59 this evening. Highs the next few days in the 70s and 50s at night. Sounds o.k. to me. Could take it a little warmer but today it's hot.

Left the Mt Holly/ Jacksonville area and went a little south to the place where we always stayed in the field behind the barn. Everything's different this year since our host got a horse. We can't access the sewage now so will only stay five days Then we head back up to where we were first where my family lives.

I can't respond to anyone but Bud this morning cause haven't even read in a couple of days. Shopped til I dropped with my friend yesterday. Called Stan to pick me up. We stopped for a VERY late for us dinner and didn't get home til probably 9.

Am still having fun with more to come. Chores today. Go do laundry. Rest and pack tomorrow for the big pj party weekend at the shore. I'm excited. Always am. Wil put in for a Hall Pass late tomorrow. After the weekend we leave here and then the family plans start. Can't believe I'm not homesick yet lol.

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in Pittsgrove Twp, NJ

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