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I am NOT dwelling on this today. I am not and I won't. This is my little girl's day.

But yesterday was Mama's birthday and what I gave her for a present this year was a Kindergartener. Carolyn leaves for her afternoon class right after lunch today.

And I am thrilled and excited and so happy for my daughter.

But I have a lump in my throat too because I so wanted my Mom to see her beautiful and amazing namesake as she took all these journeys. I know she does see. But I would give anything to pick up the phone and tell her all about it.

I needed a space for that today and this is it.

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Val, your Mama was already gone from you when I joined. But I remember your posts. Congratulations on your little girl starting school. It's a monumental day and I remember my own little girl's first day. Wish your Mama could be there with you but, like you said, you know she's "seeing" it.

Judy in KW

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Well congrats on your little girl starting her first day of school. I hope she loved it! Your right that Mama is seeing it, and like Randy said, talk to her about it! She can hear you. I talk to my Mom all the time, and somehow it comforts me to know she can hear me. I still miss her so much and it's been unbelievably 14 years since she left. *sigh*

Judy in MI

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