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It's been a long time since posting


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I'm approaching the 11 month mark of Don's passing and I know I haven't posted for a while. My only excuse is pure sadness and depression. I don't do much of anything since my love went to heaven. I rarely even leave the house unless it's extremely important.

I'm on depression and anxiety medication but they don't seem to do much of anything. I've already tried group therapy, one on one council and even yes, a shrink. No one seems to have the "words of comfort".

So many people have told me that it get's easier in time. Well, what time? A year? Five years? Never?

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There really are no words of comfort - only "ears" and "shoulders" to provide you a momentary relief. Although I've never been in your particular situation - I can say - that your the only one that can measure the "gets easier". I don't care if it's "better" a little every day, a little every week, a little every month, a little every year - it's only important that you know you thought of him with a little more ease this second. It may be a week before another easy thought comes - you have to recover at your own pace because if you recover at someone else's suggested time frame it won't help you one bit. Which of course is why all of the people that cried with you here are still very willing and ready to give you {hugs} to make it one more .... good moment down that road whatever "getting easier" really means.

I offer you a {hug}!


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((((Michelle))). No one knows how long it will take anyone to get through theinitial grieving stage. I can only tell you that it was only after about 16 months that I started to even notice things that were going on around me --- before that, my whole brain was just "on hold". All I can suggest is that you just simply expose yourself to the possibilities of good thoughts. Take a walk on a beautiful day; stop off at a children's playground and listen to their laughter, sit and listen to bridsong. When you are coming out of it you will notice these things and that will give you a positive lift knowing that you can now notice, if not enjoy, the wonderful things that life surrounds you with. My heart goes out to you, Michelle!


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