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Tingling in fingers? Neuropathy?


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I know I saw some posts on here about those of you who experienced numbness and tingling in your fingers as a result of chemo. I can't seem to find those posts now so I'm starting this new one to try to learn from those of you who have had this experience.

My mother is on taxol/carbo and concurrent radiation and after her 4th infusion has now started to experience a constant tingling in her fingers. The doctors said to wait it out over the weekend and if it's not better by Monday, they will likely decrease her Taxol. Not sure if this is a good thing as clearly we want the correct does of chemo to cure this cancer, but I guess they know best. Can anyone share their experiences and advice?

Thanks as always,


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I had neuropathy in my fingers and toes after chemo. Someone on this site suggested to take vitamins B6 and B12. I did. Now I only occasionally feel tingling in my toes, None in my fingers. It has been five years. Be sure to ask your doctor before taking these vitamins or any supplements.


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I also had Neuropathy in both toes and fingers. I took the Taxol/Carbo path too. Mine was not severe enough to curb the chemo cocktail. I was told there were medications they could give me to help with that but it didn't get bad enough to worry about it. I would trust your Onc. They know what they are doing, and will do what is best for your Mom.

Judy in MI

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