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Saturday's Air


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Hi all, 57 degrees here, with a high of 65. Brrrrr........

Went to the local football game last night. Our team won by a rousing 47 to 0!!!! Actually got boring in the 2nd half because of the rout. But the boys were all psyched, and they raised another ton of money for cancer support for Gilda's Club. It was all good.

Today is the company picnic. It's gloomy and cold, so not looking forward to it. it's at our local Zoo and was hoping to get in a walk about the zoo, but with it so cold, maybe not.

Have a party tonight for a friend that just turned 60. It's a surprise, so that should be a fun time surprising her.

Well, need to jump in the shower and get going.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend!

Judy in MI

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Hi Judy in MI,

Cold here in Wisconsin also. Raining and cold. Not looking forward to winter. Havent posted in a while. Back on my poor me box!! I need to stop doing that. Between by Doctors appointment and Aunt being diagnosed with lung cancer I completley shut down. Ugghhh (bad, bad, bad). On a good note I start therapy on the 22nd and found a support group that I am going to try out on 10/6. I am looking forward to being able to cope with this fear and moving forward with my life. If that is possible.

Not doing much this weekend. We are having a German Exchange Student stay with us from Hamburg Germany on Sept 26th for 16 days. I am really looking forward to it. This looks like a good weekend to start riping the house apart :idea:

Enjoy your weekend. Maybe you will get lucky and the sun will come out!


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Libby, we didn't stay long at the picnic. Fortunately it was in a Pavilion, as it was pouring rain the entire time. So cold you could see your breath when you breathed. We basically ate, and left. Yech.

i hope the group therapy helps you find a new attitude and perspective that is happier. For sure the exchange student should bring some sunshine in :-)

Judy in MI

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Good afternoon, everyone!

It was 79 degrees this morning and got up to 93 this afternoon. I made the 4 1/2 mile ride to the start of the Cowtown Classic ride, did the 60 mile route, then rode to the FasTaco in Crowley for lunch. I've been a TV zombie the rest of the day.

Sorry you've been struggling, Libby. I hope the group helps. I think talking about things can help a lot. After I was diagnosed, I thought that if I managed to get cancer free, I'd just want to forget it ever happened. It ended up just the opposite, no one can shut me up about it.......LOL.

Have a great weekend, all!

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