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Exciting but lonely weekend.


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My company held a team building family adventure weekend .

This included the end of year function as many people will have left the site due to the project finishing.

I only went on Saturday and stayed for the dinner and then came home.

It was really a very fun filled day with all sorts of fun events such as high swings and overhead cable rides. There were also activities to test all our skills. There was only one thing missing and that was my partner Pat.

Every year we attended all company events together and Pat loved it. Meeting all my fellow workers and also bosses.

She took part in any event that she could do considdering her back. She played golf and two years ago went on an excersion by quad bike. This was a highlight for her as she loved bikes of all kinds. She also owned a number of scooters.

I did that same bike trail in memory of her as I know she would have done it again if she was here.

Seeing all the people with their spouses and partners enjoying themselves together really got to me. I longed for Pat, just to hold her hand and laugh as we always did when we saw something amusing.

I know this is one of the things that will still hurt for a long time and I must accept it.It doesnt go away very easily.

Today Sunday I went home to Durban to check on my home and collect some supplies for the Jackal ( shes very hungry and fussy what she eats). and then came home again to prepare for work tomorrow.

Thanks for lending an ear


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Ah Ronnie,

It's one foot in front of the other some days. As always, wishing you comfort. With this project complete, will you continue to work far from your home?

Give that Jackel a good head rub from me and evil stares from my kitties!

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Hey thanks for the reply. I know its still recent and hurts but it doesnt go away very easily.

I do not know where I will be going fro here as that construction for you. I think I will only be finishing off in the early part of next year and I hope something comes up nearer home.

The jackal was not very impressed with me as she smelled the house on some of the things I brought back but I think we are friends again. Also just to mention that we also had a cat and the two of them are the same age and got on fairly well. The cat unfortunatlky had to go with my daughter and has also settled down to a new life.

Thanks and have a perfect day.

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Ron, glad you went though aren't you? Slowly but surely you are settling into life as it is today. Glad you had so much fun in spite of the bittersweet memories. Sounds like an amazing event!

Funny comment about the cats and the jackal! I'm surprise they got along so well, my dogs terrorize my cats. They are crazy animals! But it's fun to watch them.

Have a lovely day Ron.

Judy in MI

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Jackals are oportunistic animals and will attempt to dominate any other living thing. Harry our cat was just a bit older than Jacky and did not take any nonsense from her and she knew it, so they were actually good friends.

The hierarchy in our home was as follows. I am the alpha male, Jacky is the alpha female and Pat was her subordinate as she had shown fear in the begining.

When Pat passed away the jackal was very upset as she had no one to bully.

She has since accepted that Pat is no longer there and we have a good love/ hate relationship. After all she is still a wild although domesticated animal.

I love her to bits and it is having her that has helped me in these difficult times.


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That is so interesting to read about the Jackal. I'm afraid she would have lost the fight with dominating me. My German Short Hair Pointer was very dominate as a puppy. I had to get very tough with him to show him that I was boss.

It was a definite battle of the wills, but I was determined that a dog that weighs 80 pounds was not going to be the Alpha. I won that battle, but trust me, it was a huge battle.

Judy in MI

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