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Suggestions for Treating Nausea


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My brave, dear mom is near the end of her battle. Hospice is coming to the house every day now. She is in no pain but complains about the nauseous feeling in her stomach. She isn't really eating much--trying to get an "ensure" down now and again. She's got a prescription for nausea treatment that doesn't seem to be helping, she's tried smoking pot which helped some but not enough. Anybody have any other suggestions we might try? Thank you so much!

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It may seem old fashioned, or new age, but ginger has worked for many. Ginger ale (make sure one with actual ginger in it!) though maybe flat, ginger candies (like the chewy ones from Ginger People) and if not able to chew you can make them into tea, ginger tea - whether from fresh root or tea from a natural foods store. There are also ginger capsules.

All sound better to me than smoking anything. There are also many anti-nausea drugs, so let hospice know and they may have something else to offer.

Best to you and your Mom. May the time flow gently.

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I think Canada dry ginger ale is the best one for a soda substitute just keep it room temp and flat for her! Thoughts and prayers ! research has showed this does help also..

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