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Thursday's Air

Bud Baker

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Good morning, everyone!

I was at work yesterday and Rose didn't see what happened, but our puppy Pixie somehow injured her right hind leg. She wouldn't walk on it at all, so Rose took her to the vet. The vet thought it was a muscle pull and didn't think anything was broken, so he sent her home with pain medicine. She hardly ate anything yesterday and still won't put that foot down at all today. At 7 months old, she's usually such a livewire; now she looks pitiful, moping around like this.

MI Judy, I do a stress test every morning, riding to work. :lol: Ann, great to see you back!

Have a great day, all!

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Yes you do a stress test every day. I admire you for that. I just do not have the lung capacity to do what you do, and so wish I did. But I think I need to do something more than what I'm doing right now, as it was ridiculous how winded I got.

My dog injures himself all the time. He won't put weight on his leg/foot for a couple of days and then he's fine. He's so athletic and it's usually a muscle pull due to a hole that one leg went in, or tripping over a log. It's happened so many times now, that I just feel his leg carefully to make sure the bones are not broken, and give him some pain meds and wait for the healing.

It's a monsoon kind of day here, cold and non stop raining. I got up and took the double dose of spasm medication, and went back to sleep and slept until 11:00! This is not going to work. I think I'll call them and tell them I need some speed. Can they prescribe that these days??? LOL

Have a good one.

Judy in MI

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Good Evening Everyone,

Just about to dash out,indoor bowling league game at 8.30pm until 10.30pm,I am in two different teams the other is on Tuesday nights,not a good start to the new season,well beaten on Tuesday,still I think playing twice a week now should improve my game somewhat.

I was just thinking recently about out lousey weather over the last few days and was thinking about Pope Benedicts visit to Bellahouston Park in Glasgow,hoping that if there is a god he could fix it and give the Pope some sunshine as well as a warm Scottish welcome.Well what do you know to-day a beautiful cloudless sunny,with thousands who turned up to see him,I watched it on TV,and surprisingly I found it very moving and enjoyable.I am not a Roman Catholic,and I do try hard to find the faith to believe,I suppose anything worthwhile having takes a lot of effort in the getting.

Hi Bud,sorry to hear about your dogs leg,hope he recovers

soon. Bye folks got to dash,speak to you later.

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