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Friday's Air

Bud Baker

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Good morning, everyone! TGIF!

It was 70 degrees when I got up this morning. Forecast high is 94. I took a day off the bike and drove to work, since I'm doing a hilly 200k ride tomorrow.

MI Judy, considering what the vet charged, I need to do the same thing the next time Pixie gets hurt, if nothing seems broken. What pain medicine do you use?

And don't feel bad about getting winded at the stress test. That's the whole point of it, and no matter how fit you are, they're going to try and get you winded. Of course, the more fit you are, the more it takes to reach that point. And I've heard elite runners and cyclists brag about the stress test givers never being able to get them to the point where they could get valid data.

With my cratered old body, that's not a problem for me. I ride with a heart rate monitor, know what my max heart rate is, and reach it often enough on the bike.

My week's decline continued yesterday when the air conditioner in my office quit. So, now I go from an unbearably hot shop to an unbearably hot office. I hope the AC guys make it here today.

Have a great day, all!

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Hey all, back amongst the living again. Went to ER Sunday morning and was admitted for pneumonia again. Came home Wed. afternoon and have to go back twice daily for IV antibiotics. Lungs are just very badly beat up and as my infectious control doc says, I live on a very narrow fencepost separating healthy from sick, it's real easy to fall off.

Talk to y'all later.


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Oh dear Donny, so sorry you have to go through this. Hope you get everything under control fast.

Bud, I give my dog Rimadyl for pain. It's like ibuprofen for humans, and really is effective for pain from sprains etc. Yes, I too would take him in to the Vet, only to get a $125 vet bill for yet another sprain. As I said, I check the limb carefully for broken bones, and if the dog does not yelp as I check, I know it's a sprain, and give him the medication instead.

Hope the A/C guys shows up soon! 94 still. Yikes!

It was in the 40's today, and supposed to get to 68. Nice again.

Went to a banquet last night for Duck's Unlimited, and it was a strolling gig, which usually sends my spasms attacking. They threatened, but didn't attack, so I was pleasantly surprised to be able to endure it and actually had a lot of fun! It was a very male oriented gig, and the testosterone was in the air big time. I liked it! LOL!

Have a great day.

Judy in MI

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