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1 Year Since Surgury


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Well - I got the results from my Sept 15 scans and I was relieved when my doctor walked in with a great big smile and said we are clear again. I was scared to death since I walked out of there Wednesday after the scan feeling sick as a dog. The stuff they make you drink just was not very good the second time around. and then right before they called me back for the scan my stomach really became unhappy with being anywhere but in the "little room." and my eyes were running and my nose was running. So I thought I was really having an allergic reaction to that drink. Stopped on the way home and picked up a pack of Nyquil and today - well after the doctor's visit I am feeling a lot better.

One year down......

Now she is going to scan every 6 months - which in itself is scary - so in three months I'll have just an x-ray.

I'm lucky and happy today. And it's Friday - so things are even better.

Thanks for listening...


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