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any alternative treatment that you would recommend


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I am a newbie here and trying to understand more about cancer since my friend was diagnosed with sdclc stage 4 couple of days ago. since she is also 6 months pregnant, we are looking for alternative treatment.

Chanced upon this site: http://www.dr-gonzalez.com/index.htm

Do you think this is worth trying ? Or is there anything else that should be tried ?

I am trying to read up as much as possible; but it is confusing and very bewildering :(

Thank u so much

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Oh my, that is really terrible and you are a good friend for trying to help. Can you clarify the type of cancer? SDCLC is unfamiliar to me, but the LC at the end might mean a type of lung cancer?

While there are people who chose to try alternative treatment, or no treatment (see the Forum: The Path Less Traveled), anything you find about the success of these options are anecdotal (not backed by clinical studies and peer review.) Doctors will tell you that you will find cases where they work, but you have to question whether the same result would have happened with no treatment. (You could also ask that with traditional chemo, but they can at least show you studies.)

Without knowing what type of cancer she is looking at, it is hard to guess what treatment is recommended. I did not start treatment for 2 months after detection. Some have gone quite a bit longer than that just getting a diagnosis. I am thinking she can carry the baby to term and then start treatment? If she has chemo, she won't be able to breast feed, but she has a chance of seeing her baby grow up.

I hope she is without symptoms and in good health overall so that she can get through this year and enjoy her future with her child.


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Yes, faith and hope are very real components, but do allow her to be scared, angry, and sad. She will most likely need to grieve even if she has a great response to treatment. There are few who aren't unchanged by this diagnosis.

Please let us know if you can share her status, treatment, and outcome. We have lots of virtual support to offer.

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If there is anything we can do to help, let us know. Knowledge is power. But the pregnancy is a complication that no one with lung cancer needs. Prayer and a positive attitude definitely will help, but she also needs that time to be open and honest with someone.

Having lung cancer is a lonely and isolating experience. Most people want to assume we smoked, therefore we "deserve" this disease, which is absolute bull....as you know with your friend.

60% of all new lung cancer diagnosis are for people that never smoked, or quit smoking years before being diagnosed. It is a frighteningly growing number of people getting lung cancer.

It is the #1 killer of all cancers, and yet it's so under funded, and the least researched cancer of all of them. It's a shame. And that is why we are here to advocate for this disease, and raise money to help with research.

Judy in MI

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