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Wednesday's Air

Bud Baker

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Good morning, everyone! It was 70 degrees when I got up this morning. Forecast high is 88.

There will be no ride to work this morning. I'll be dropping Rose off for her colonoscopy in an hour, then driving on to work.

Enjoy your trip, Eric. I know what you mean about the Air, MI Judy. I enjoy hearing from everyone, too.

I enjoy The Big C too, Stephanie. I've always enjoyed Laura Linney's work a lot anyway, and this show is well written. I guess it's easy for all of us to identify with having cancer, anyway. And melanoma is the other cancer that needs treatment improvement badly, too. Once it spreads, it's a poor prognosis. The show always reminds me of my friend DJ, too. Just like in the show, he had melanoma on his back. Fortunately, his hadn't spread, and he's still with us, 18 years after his diagnosis and surgery.

Have a great day, all!

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Morning All! A chill in the air when I get up in NJ but as soon as the sun pops up, it warms up quickly. Beautiful Fall here.

It's good to see you all on Tuesday's Air. I'm frustrated with this new computer. Don't know if it's the computer, Windows 7 or AT&T server. They are all new to me. I can't open Tues next to Wed to talk to each of you. Have to open and close each time but here goes.

Bud, tell Rose good luck with here colonoscopy. I know she probably didn't have a great day yesterday if the prep is still as it was. I haven't been on much but hope your website is near completion. Repeat the web address for me if it is.

Judy in MI, I do envy that you have such meaningful work to do. I've considered voluntering but haven't come up with anything that will be compatible with my travel. Also, I still do all the paperwork for our business.

Stephanie, yesterday was a full day for me too but I would have preferred the latte and bakery. I sat in Camper's World for over 5 hrs and walked to a Burger King for something to eat. I seriously considered water aerobics at the college pool last year then we had a record cold winter. Not so disappointed. I figure I'm so short the water in the shallow end would probably be up to my chin. Would make exercising a little difficult lol.

Eric, we will all be here to hear about your exciting trip. And picture too, I assume? What a thrill it is for our cause that you got picked for such an important event. I know you will do us proud.

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in KW

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Good morning! Ah, it's a rainy one here today. Going to get to the mid 70's and be wet all day. That's okay.

Taking Olive Oyl to the groomer today. Her hair grows so fast! And with that poodle mixed with Lab, her hair is a burr magnet. Man, I spend hours grooming her. But she's a joy and she allows me to groom her so it's all a good thing. I love that dog.

Thanks Eric and Judy about the volunteering comments. Yes, I love what I do and am so grateful that I can do it. I encourage anyone out there to find something to give your time to. Even if it's just once a month............whatever it can be, do it, for it is in giving that we receive back and that is just so rewarding.

OK, got to get going...running late this morning.

Have a good day!

Judy in MI

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