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Chemo again


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Mom saw her oncologist today. He is taking her off Tarceva and starting her on Navelbine in two weeks. She will do one treatment a week for three weeks and then be off a week. He also moved up her next CT scan to October 4 (a week from Monday). He seems to think the Tarceva has run its course and is not causing her cough and weakness. He is giving her a two week break before starting the chemo. Mom sounded relieved that he thinks she is still treatable. I know she was afraid that he was going to say she wasn't.

If anyone has experiences with navelbine, I've love to hear them.


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Just got done responding to your other thread. Soooo glad to hear this new. Ned has been on what someone calls navybean for awhile now. I recall he just told someone he feels better than he's felt in a long time. Oh Susan, this will work for Mom. I knew she'd feel better as soon as they offered her a treatment.

Judy in KW

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I did a Google search on this navelbine, and it sounds like a good treatment plan! The side effects are relatively benign, and it seems to be quite effective.

This is great cause for celebration! I don't have experience with this drug, but am encouraged by what I read. Hopefully Ned will weigh in here for you.

Be encouraged.

Judy in MI

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So sorry that the Tarceva has most likely run its course, but glad that she is being offered new treatments.

You wanted to hear from people who are familiar with Navelbine.

My husband's treatment right now is Navelbine. He was to be getting it 3 weeks on and then 1 week off, but his blood counts and kidney function did not like that much. So now he is on a reduced dose every other week.

He has experienced drops in his blood count and nausea. The nausea can be controlled with meds if he would take them as he is suppose to take them.

The chemo session is very quick - they slowly (about 8 minutes to do the dose) inject it into an iv line.

We do not know yet how effective this is for Kurt - he will be getting a new scan mid October, but from what I have read on Ned's postings he has experienced shrinkage of his tumors.

I hope your Mother does as well as Ned and that she has little side effects.


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Susan - I am so sorry to read of your mom's recent news. From your mom's past experience though I think she is going to continue to give this cancer crap a run for its money ... she certainly keeps boxing back (must be all that WII boxing :) ) Praying hard that Navybean is the one for her.

Take care,


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Hi Susan:

My husband had first line cisplatin plus navelbine. While the cisplatin was tought, the navelbine was well-accepted and while he was on it he had shrinkage and all aeemed well; unfortunately he degenerated after this (first round) was completed and reacted poorly to the second line (Taxotere), but while he was on the navelbine he was doing well. Good luck, I hope the navelbine works well, wishing you the best possible outcome!

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