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Busy Weekend


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Apart from the extreme sadness from losing my jackal the weekend was very busy. My daughter Brenda arrived at 3,30 on Friday morning. After the sad matter of taking Jacky to the vet and then burying her in the front garden we started the promised task of renovating the kitchen.

Two walls were clad in pine panneling which made the kitchen a bit dark. After removal of the panelling from one wall we discovered that there were tiles halway up the wall.

These had to be removed to make way for the new ones. Well the old builders new how to fix tiles. It has taken 2 daya and we only managed to do half the wall.

Brenda left today to go home to Johannesburg about a 6 hour trip but at 8 pm had still not got home due to heavy traffic.

Tomorrow I return alone to Ladysmith to go back to work.

I will miss all the attention I had to give to look after Jacky.

Thanks for listening


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stay busy for now Ronnie and when things quiet down think about a new Pup! Thats what I did!! Love my pound pup she has probably saved my life a few times!! SHHH!! by helping with some depression issues!!

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