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Connie B


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I've moved any updates into the update forum but wanted to start a prayer chain for her here:

If you have any messages for Connie, any prayers, etc... please post them here.

Thank you all for continuing to keep her and her family in your prayers.

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Connie you are in my prayers daily. May the good Lord bless you and keep you, may his light shine upon you , now and forever.

I see his light shining from you, you lifted me up when I was low, and so many others.

Donna G

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don't turn and look for the light but if its in front of you I think everyone will understand!! Prayers for peace and comfort joy and happiness always My friend!!

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I've missed our chats but I know that you are resting and spending time with your family. I wait everyday for a few minutes to hear your voice.

Did I ever tell you thank you for being my rock solid support when my ma died? I couldn't have made it thru that without you.

I don't know how it happened, but you have been my one real friend thru it all. I'm so grateful to you for that, for laughing with me, kicking me in the rear and encouraging me all the times I've needed it.

I'm keeping you in my thoughts and prayers everyday.

May God comfort and bring peace to your body, may you heal and feel no pain, may you gain strength and have many wonderful moments with your family and friends...and even as small as a mustard seed, there have been miracles...I'm praying for that.

warm and gentle hugs like only you can do~


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