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Have you ever been hit by a paddle boat


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For our non-facebook friends here, let me tell you a story. Many of you know the challenges I am facing with the mysterious muscle spasms. They can be quite debilitating, and it's been a challenge post chemo.

So Saturday night was hellish, constant spasms, and very little sleep. At church, we ask a couple to come over and enjoy some salmon that hubby caught up North this past Thursday.

So, we make this delicious Vodka, Alfredo (red) sauce, and mix the salmon and pasta in and it was fabulous. We enjoyed a glass of red zinfandel wine with it. Then we decided to walk down to the lake and enjoy a beautiful sunset. It was gorgeous. In the mid 50's, so nice sweatshirt and jacket weather.

We got to the dock and the men decided we should take one last paddle boat ride around our little lake. It's getting cool here, so it was time to take her out of the water and put her up for the winter.

We'd never had 4 people on the boat before. We learned that there are certain theories of physics that need to be applied before piling 4 people on the boat. #1 physic is to have the big boys get on first, with one on one side on the front end of the boat, and one on the opposite side on the back end of the boat. Would have balanced the boat nicely, and then us girls (who weight at least 100 pounds less than the boys) could get on, and we would have been off paddling to our hearts content.

But we did not do this.

One man got in the front seat, and then hubs decided us girls should sit up front with him, and hubs would get on the back. We did just that and when Randy got on the back the boat immediately flipped up in the air.

I can see it in slow motion as this pretty large, metal, 500 pound paddle boat flips upside down with a great big pontoon coming straight at me. I grabbed the dock, holding on for dear life, because the water is 30 feet deep right off the dock!

Off came my girlfriend, on top of me, then came her husband on top of her, all of this after I got knocked soundly in the head by the pontoon. My husband managed to jump off the boat before the crash, and immediately swam under water to find me. And he did.

The guys yanked us girls, sopping wet from the deep water, and we stood there laughing our guts out at the absurd thing that just happened. We, of course had no idea of the damage done to our bodies at that point.

They went home after some dessert, and we went to bed. I woke yesterday not feeling great, but what the heck, with these spasms I never feel great, so I got up, showered, and off to work I went.

At work I'm feeling dizzy, and my head starts to pound. Along with that I started feeling very nauseous. When my "boss" saw me, pure white and kind of staggering around, he insisted I go to the ER at the hospital.

He had a woman friend take me, and they immediately put me on a bed and whisked me off for a CT scan of my brain (2nd one in 3 weeks due to the "C" thing). Fortunately the scan came back negative for fracture or bleeding, but they said I sustained an amazinly bad concussion.

I made it home, but was nauseous and the stuff that goes with that. I was in great pain, both on the head and my body now due to the bruising that ensued. They gave me meds for nausea, and a patch behind the ear for nausea and dizziness. They gave me another drug for the dizziness, too and Vicodin for the pain.

I didn't get out of bed for the rest of the day, and felt horrible. They said to expect that for a few days after.

Today I am feeling a bit better. Still a little dizzy, but nausea is gone, and headache is a little better. So tomorrow I'll try to go to volunteer work, as I'm quite far behind. But if I'm still dizzy, may have to take one more day off.

Whew!!!!! What an ordeal. I posted on Facebook that I got hit by a paddle boat and got quite the flak for being so old I couldn't swim fast enough to get out of the way. So I had to tell the whole silly story to explain this ridiculous thing that happened.

Anyway, I'm going to be okay. Just had to share my ridiculous story with you all.

Judy in MI

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Oh and I forgot, we went in sopping wet, and as I'm trying to peel the wet clothes off, I got horrific spasms. So now we are trying to get those to release, get me dressed, and it was just stupid.

Oh and then my computer died. So now I'm home bound without a PC. Have hubs right now, so I could post, but I'll lose that tomorrow. The motherboard on the hard drive cacked, so I have to get a new PC. Fortunately I back up my hard drive every day on an on line back up service I use. It cost me $5.00 a month, but it's going to be worth every penny tomorrow when I get my new PC.

Judy in MI

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Paddle Boat: 1

Judy: 0

Glad you're mostly okay. My question, though, is can you swim? I can't, and have always been told that a pontoon will float when "sunk" but I can't imagine having the darn thing flip over on me! I think anyone attempting to rescue me would resemble the cat owner after trying to bathe their kitty...

Thanks for affirming my fears that no boat is safe without a flotation device.

P.S. After one glass of wine, you may have been too drunk to fish - er, paddle... Who's the redneck now? :lol:

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