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Wednesday's Air


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Morning All! Chilly high 50s this morning. Expected high 77. The rain won't come in for real until tomorrow.

Have been MIA for a bit again. I'm getting really tired and a little edgy looking ahead to scans and chemo next week. Worked in the office in my coach yesterday. What a mess. I'm having trouble restoring with my Quicken update. Taking way too much time to straighten it out. Thank goodness it's only our personal stuff. Business is in Quickbooks.

Meeting Gail today so that's something to look forward to. Just have to get my butt moving first.

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in Vincentown NJ

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Good morning, everyone!

It was 55 degrees as I rode to work today. Forecast high is 84. No rain in the forecast for at least a week.

Good luck with chemo and scans next week, KW Judy. I have my six month checkup with my regular doctor next week. That's been my only visits with him for a while. It sure is great to hear, "See you in six months" at the end of a visit. I could get used to that.

Have a great day, all!

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Thanks Bud. Yes, that six months is what I aspire to. But with the radiologists reports here lately, the odds are against that happening any time soon.

O.k. can anyone say cluster #@^&. I left happy as a lark to meet Gail thinking I love GPSes. Until it ended me with the checkered flag at a defunct restaurant that didn't even have the name I was looking for. So call Gail, right? The number I had was at her home and she was probably at the restaurant by now. Oh, but maybe she was at the other restaurant with almost the same name but in another location. And where was I? I didn't even know the address of the mobile home park where we are staying. LOL but not at first. I was practically in tears on the phone, first my sister then my husband before Gail called me. She was less than a mile down the road with the wrong name at the restaurant with the right name. When I didn't show, she called home and got my message. We had a good laugh. I felt better that her GPS had fouled her up too.

We had a wonderful 2+ hr lunch. Gail feels bad she's been a stranger here but she asked for many of you. I told her we are a loving and nonjudgemental group who welcomes anyone back no matter how long they are gone. For any of you who don't know Gail, she lost her Hank in 2008. It took a real effort for her to reach out and meet me and I really appreciated it.

Have a great evening everyone.

Judy in KW

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Good evening friends. Gosh, how can we get the daily Air's livened up so that more people participate????? I see lots of views, but few shares. I know...I've complained about that before. :roll:


Anyway, the last 3 days have been a blur with this concussion. Time seems weird to me, and today I talked all day like it was a Monday, and that I hit my head last week, which is totally not what happened. I know it happened Sunday, and I now know it's Wednesday. LOL!

So I'm getting better. Don't want to take too many hard knocks on the head. That really messed me up!

So today I spent the day at volunteer work, trying to make up for lost time for Monday and Tuesday when I was not allowed to drive. it was fun. Got so much accomplished. Might have bitten off more than I could chew though because I feel like i'm falling asleep at the keyboard.

I never go to bed at 8:40PM. May break a record tonight!

Nite Nite,

Judy in MI

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Judy and Bud I hope you both the best with your scan results next week. Sorry about your concussion Judy in Mi. Sunday I had another first. I was visiting a friend at his home out in the country when out of nowhere the house shook a little and I heard a rumble. We thought something in town exploded. When I got home my wife told me that there was a earthquake. I dont ever remember of hearing of a earthquake in Nebraska before.Around here blizzards and tornadoes are the biggest threat.

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