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Busy weekend ends with a hospital stay


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On monday I went to see my cardioogist because I had a heart that was seriously beating out or rythm. I saw him last thursday and the heart was fine but I had had a few episodes of palpitations the last two weeks. You see I had a triple bypass in 1998 but apart from a self inflicted bout of irregular heartbeats have been very well.

Well he took a look at the rythm and we discussed treatment and he sugested that I go into hospital for a day to sort out the atrial fibrilation. I was admitted to the ICU and treatment stat

Well the drug route did not worrted. and Tuesday afternoon I sugested that he do a cardioversion. Yesterday morning I was sedated and woke up with a heart that was once again in rythm.

It was also found that my thyroid was faulty and I had a radiation isotope scan done.

The result is that the thyroid is not functioning and it could be from some sort of viral infection. The doctor gave me a month and then a check up to see if there is any improvement.

I arrived home at about 1430.

The boss phoned and said I could have the rest of the week off and start work on Monday so I can rest, as if I havent rested enough in hospital. :D

Will post again later


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Thanks everyone. This condition is to be expected and psycological or emotional events could trigger it.

At present I feel fine. Once the heart is in rythm the I dont have a problem.

Since I returned from hospital I have really been very lonely as I am missing Pat and the little jackal. The jackal kept me busy all day and part of the night. I was always doing something for her or getting food ready. This helped to think of other things and not just of Pat. Now I have no one to help me in my mourning.

Pat and I loved that little girl so much and I realise for some time that she could go at any time it has been a terrific shock.

Next week I go back to Ladysmith and work. Nights will be lonely I know.

It just seems so unfair to loose two loved ones so soon.

Thanks for being there


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Sending a big cyber hug to you. So sorry to read about your health issues. Having to deal with them alone, without Pat must be very tough . I know everything is harder for me, since I have to do it alone. I'm just so sorry for all the pain and grief you are going through, all at once. Just keep posting and know that there are many of us out here, even though we don't always post every day, who TOTALLY understand. Sometimes, it just helps to write things out and share them with people who can relate to your feelings. Take care of yourself and keep in touch.



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Ronnie, so glad they got your heart issue corrected. Hope the tyroid works itself out as well. You must have had such mixed feelings about needing rest to heal and needing to work to keep yourself distracted for part of the day.

Take care of yourself and hope the pain begins to lessen a little very soon.

Judy in KW

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