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Friday's Air

Bud Baker

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Good morning, everyone! TGIF!

It was 59 degrees as I rode to work this morning. Forecast high is 83.

It's October! I ended up with 723 miles on the bike in September, not a big mileage month, but it keeps me on a pace to make my mileage goal for the year.

The website and online store for my fishing tackle is up and running now. Stop by and let me know what you think. It's at: http://www.spinnerbaker.com/

Wow, it's quiet in here! Have a great day, all!

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Just stopped by to see if Judy in Jersey is here. Hopefully they are ok in all of the rain. Looks awfully nasty there. Hopefully Randy is ok too and all others on the east coast. We have been in the 80s everyday here lately, even a few 90s. Have set a few new record highs but looking forward to some rain this weekend.

I think I may be healing a little bit, not going to run out and do anything stupid but would love to have a bit of feeling better. Yesterday we had a short power outage that kinda freaked me out. My concentrator just shut down and I wasn't getting any air and didn't know why. I didn't realize the power had gone off. Guess I should make sure my generator is always ready to go just in case.

Have a whole day all. See you soon.


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Hi everyone!

Bud, you kill me when you say you had a "short" mileage for September with "only" 723 miles logged in. Oh my goodness. You inspire me to keep pushing and keep going. Thank you.

Loved the web site. I sent the link to my fisherman husband. He doesn't fish as much as you, but he loves it when he gets the chance to fish. He'll do a lot of ice fishing this winter on our lake, and just recently got into fly fishing in the river. Had some awesome smoked salmon that he caught last week.

Donny, how frightening that must have been! Does the power company have you on their list of top priorities. If not, call them, and get a note from your doctor. We have an auto on generator that kicks in the second the power goes off. Hope you can find a way to have that too.

Well, after the concussion earlier this week, I am doing much better today. Actually got two nights of awesome sleep, without a single spasm! Woke today feeling pretty darn good. That puts me in such a good mood for sure.

My computer died this week too. Ack! The repair cost was 50% of a new computer, and taking into consideration that my computer is 4 years old, I decided to just replace it. So this weekend I'll be pulling all my hard drive info off the internet where I have it backed up and hoping it all goes well, so I am up and running by Monday.

Have not been here much because of the crashed lap top. I came into church work today and am taking advantage of the computer here to catch up a bit.

We are going to go to Art Prize this weekend. Check it out. It's thousands of artists that create their pieces and the community of West Michigan runs all over town, looking at and voting on the pieces they love the most. The winner gets $250,000.00. This event has literally put Grand Rapids on the map around the entire world. It's really cool.


Have a great weekend. I may not be around much depending on how successful I am in gettin the new computer working.

Judy in MI

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