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Sunday's Air

Bud Baker

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Good afternoon, everyone!

Both mornings this weekend were in the low 50's, and they're saying it will be 45 degrees in the morning. I need to go find my cool weather riding clothes. It's just 66 degrees outside right now, and plainly isn't going to make the 70's like the weatherman said.

I did a 49 mile ride from home yesterday morning, then tinkered with my jig molds in the afternoon. This morning, I got up and went crappie fishing. As so often seems to happen in the fall, I didn't catch nearly as many as I usually do in the spring and summer, but most of what I did catch was bigger than usual. I just kept 8 fish, but 7 of those were 12" or longer, very nice size for crappie.

MI Judy, bicycle mileage is relative. I had friends who raced in The Texas Time Trials last weekend and rode 500 miles in just a little over 30 hours. One actually did it in less than 30 hours. Compared to that, my 723 miles for the whole month doesn't seem like that much. Hope you're enjoying Art Prize.

Wow, Donny, I didn't realize you needed oxygen all the time. You'd think they'd put a buzzer on that concentrator to let you know if it lost power. That's got to be pretty scary when you're depending on it.

Great job of pressing the point about the lung cancer funding shortfall, Eric. It sounds like you have more people making that point now, and that has to help.

Have a great day, all!

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