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Monday's Air


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Morning All! Saw you on the Air yesterday Bud. Wishing I were fishing for crappie. We got on the road yesterday and I thought I'd spend time online. The net was so bad I gave it up. Looks good so far today. Could be in the Carolinas tomorrow so better make hay while the sun shines lol.

Stan's reunion was super great. They had a social on Fri night where everyone just milled around and chatted. Sat was the big event with cocktails, then dinner and music. Stan is a great dancer but was worried he wouldn't dance. He's getting lazy about that kind of thing. But we danced a number of slow dances and even did the twist and jitterbuged to Run Around Sue. Remember that Donnie lol. I had a wonderful time. Felt like Cinderella--didn't get home til midnight.

Back to reality now. On the way home will do my scans and find out what's what's what on that score. The weekend with the kids and grandkids all together fell thru--my son has a very busy life. Hope I'll see them all anyway if not together.

See you all here more often now once I get home. Have a great day.

Judy in KW

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Good morning, everyone!

It was 49 degrees as I rode to work this morning. Forecast high is 74.

Good to hear from you, KW Judy. Glad you enjoyed the reunion. Not much going on here, it's just another day in the dungeon.

Have a great day, all!

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Morning Bud. Am always sorry for you guys still working. I was trying to catch up on the site when Stan said I'd better get dressed to leave the coach. There was a stop coming up and it had a Starbuck. Hey, in a minute I'm ready lol.

Don't know what the temp is. I think my homepage is still set on Key West. But I'll tell you when I got out of the coach it was cold! Think we are still in Virginia. We had the first cold (vs chilly) day when we were leaving NJ yesterday. I'm glad I'm heading south

Back to the boards.

Judy in Virginia

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You go, Katie. As a trusting person myself, I know how it can hurt to find that you don't know someone as well as you thought you did. We just have to go on and continue to believe in people and know that the good, sincere and honest people outweigh the bad by far!!!

Judy...hope you're enjoying your trip. It sounds like Stan's reunion was a lot of fun. Glad you were able to get that hubby of yours in the dancing mood. Sorry you missed time with your family. I know you'll catch up with them soon. These kids of ours always manage to stay very busy and it's hard to coordinate with them.

Bud...that's definitely my kind of weather. I have to say that both yesterday and today here have been absolutely beautiful. Yesterday was the first day in months that I've been able to turn off my A/C. I threw open the windows and loved every minute of that cool breeze blowing in. Our high today was in the low 80's and this morning it was 67 on my way to work!!! Yoo-hoo...fall is finally headed this way. Here in Florida, we get a lot of false alarms before the cool temps arrive but we're thankful for every cooler day that we get.

Saturday night is our annual Crusin' to the 50's Sock Hop at our American Legion Auxiliary. I've been going nuts for weeks planning this event and I so hope we have a good turnout and that everyone has fun. I wish you all were going to be here for this event. what a great time we would have. Hey...maybe Becky Snowflake could start up the BIG BLUE BUS and head for Florida. I'm sure she could pick you all up and still make it to Florida by Saturday night.

Hope everyone is having a nice fall day....


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Hi All,

So nice to see so many posts on the Air today. Looks like the cooler temps are putting everyone in such a good mood! It was 32 here this morning, but warmed up to 60 and was a gorgeous, sunny fall day. I love weather like this. Seems a little early for freeze warnings, hope the farmers have time to get their crops in.

Yeah KW Judy, we have missed you. Will be so glad when you are back on a regular basis. Wishing you nothing but the best with your scans.

Katie, I know what you mean. I was at a quit smoking support web site for years, only to discover some fakes on there. It got so bad, that I left the site. No drama and games needed here either. Just be who you are, we don't have time for that at support sites. We just want to help if we can.

Judy yeah for you turning into a princess and dancing the night away. I love doing that too, and we just don't get out much to do stuff like that anymore. Glad you had such a nice time.

Ann the Soc Hop sounds like a great time too. I loved the music from the 50's! Wishing you a wonderful turn out and great food, dancing and fun.

Got my new computer, and trying my best to retrieve my files. It's a process that takes patience and time. I'm trying to find both. LOL!

Judy in MI

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Hi friends,

Yesterday we drove two hours North, took a 6 minute ferry, and had dinner at a cute inn on an island after a walk on a rock and driftwood beach. It was a delicious light five course meal, with two extra courses! Lovely, mostly from their own farm and salmon from their net. Then, rather than reversing the trip, we stayed overnight in a gabled bedroom and woke to the scent of freshly brewed coffee followed by a hot breakfast. Took a walk through the farm - acres of vegetables, a bunch of turkeys, a large flock of red chickens (thanks for the eggs little red hens!) and a couple of large black pigs turning waste into compost. Easy ride home ahead of a storm.

Welcome to autumn!

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