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Whole body PET scan question and TNM.


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I just found out last week that the PET scan they did on my Dad to see if the cancer spread anywhere other than his lungs, was only done from his lower neck to abdomen.

I just assumed the scan would be done on his entire body, but his pulmonologist said that his type of cancer, squamous, doesn't usually spread outside the lungs. His oncologists said that if any cancer cells got outside the lungs, that Chemo would take care of it.

Should I push for them to do another PET scan from head to toe? I am a little worried not knowing 100% if it spread elsewhere.

Do I need to ask his doctors what his TNM score is? I know the size of his tumors, that they are in his hilum lymph nodes and it's metastasized to his other lung, but not sure what his score is, if it's important that I know this and why.

I have to admit that even with all the research I have done over the last month, I still dont' understand it all. Thanks to you great people I found GRACE and have been using that website also.

Thank you.


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