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Last night I had a 2 week old baby jackal in my arms. Her mother had been killed on the road and she was picked up and brought to my home.

I fell in love with this little ball of fluffy fur. I soon realised that it would not be practical for me to try and raise her as she still needed milk a number of times a day and she would not be allowed on the construction site.

She was taken to a wildlife rehabilitation centre where she will be raised and released back into the wild. Luckily the centre is close to my home in Durban so I will go and see her and follow her progress. A sad but impractical situation


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Yesterday 16 Oct I visited the baby jackal at the animal rehabiltation centre. In the two weeks since I first held her she has grown. They do not like too much human contact as it takes longer to get them to be ready for release. This little girl already has the typical female jackal attitude. She just lay there and stared at me almost challenging me to touch her.

Female jackals are normally the dominant of the species.

I have now sort of adopted her and will be visiting regularly and also donating towards her upkeep.

I was also informed that they were getting some more jackals whose mother had been killed by a farmer.

I hope to have a photo next time and I will keep you all updated


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Oh my goodness Ronnie, where do you live where jackals are common? Don't think I'd seen one before the photo you posted. How wonderful that someone found the baby and brought it to you. Don't know what the rules are at the animal rehab center. If you visit her until she can eat on her own, will they let you adopt her? If not, make sure they release her very near where you live. I'll bet she will voluntarily take up residence with you. She's already felt the love.

Judy in KW

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I loved your telling of the story of the jackal. It warmed my heart and my soul.

You know, Ron, that animals are so intuitive and give so much to our planet.

My favorites are wolves. Ever since I was a child, I have loved their caring for their group.

Even though they are not indigenous to our country, I have a special place in my heart for elephants. Of course, that is also due to their caring for the clan.

Keep doing this, Ron. We are here to be the caretakers. Clearly, you are.

May God bless you abundantly. :D


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Just a little bit about jackals

Jackals are found in the rural areas of our country especially the farm areas.

As I work mainly in the rural areas jackals are often heard but not seen.

Although jackals eat mainly small animals like mice and lizards they will also hunt birds and even an odd lamb thus they are not always liked by the farmers. In really bad times they will even eat fruit and berries.

Jackals are known to steal scraps of meat even while lions are busy at a kill eating.

Jackals are very intelegent and are also cunning and never seem to forget.

They pair for life and the female is normally the dominant animal.

I just love jackals.

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