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Let's Play a Word Game


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Nuts. Here that was a American General reply to a Nazi request to surrender in the battle of Bastoyne during the Battle of the Bulge in 44/45 WW11 ,sure confused them.

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Hi Judy,

In Scotland we have a long tradition of "going oot guising" for halloween,I think it is similar to trick or treat which I dont really know much about?.Well children here dress up in a variety of costumes from the scarey to the funny,they chap on a neighbours door who will invite them(theres usually a small group of kids)and they each in turn do their party piece (Mines was the Big Rock Candy Mountain-every verse because I loved to sing)the kids are rewarded with sweets (candy) and would play "Dooking for apples" ie a small bath of water was placed in the living room,with a reversed chair against it,the kids had to kneal on the chair and with a fork gripped between their teeth they had to release it over the water bath and try to spear an apple which were placed in the bath,which if they managed it, they got to keep it,another game was a row of treacle scones suspended from string also smeared with treacle the kids had to try and eat it with their hands behind their backs,of course they had more teacle on their faces then in their tummies.Oh the Nuts, a variety of these were always put in the bags that contained the the sweeties.Shame its changing,kids are more interested in getting money now and their party piece usually is a short joke hurriedly told,who said things are getting better?

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