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Just Full of "Em Today......


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A guy had been marooned on a desert island for a long time.

One day, out of the water,walked a tall, curvy, beautiful woman wearing a black wet suit with many zippers.

She said, "You have been here all alone for so long, is there anything you would like?" In a low, sexy voice.

"Yes," he said, "I would love a nice cold Martini."

The woman opened a zipper on her suit, took out the makings for a martini and a shaker.

"Is there anything else you would like" she purred.

"Now that you mentioned it, I would like a good cigar" he said.

Again, she opened a zipper and took out a big, thick cigar, clipped the end and when he put in his mouth, lit it with a lighter.

"Anything else," she said giving him a sexy look.

"No, I'm quite content." he replied.

She was surprised by his answer and said, "You mean after being here alone so long, you don't want to play around?"

"Hey," he said in surprise, "Don't tell me you got a golf course in that suit?"

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