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Joel my celebrity.... cyberknife commercial.


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Hi MaryAnne,

In the words of a well known gameshow host in the UK "didnt he do well?".Congratulations Joel,you were absolutely brilliant,I had heard cyberknike mentioned here so many times but never knew what it was,thank you for your presentation, you have put that mystery to me to bed.I wish Joel many years of good health and happiness.

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What a wonderful job Joel did in his commercial. I have dropped by here to share some more very good and encouraging news about Cyberknife. My Mom , Gwen Jones, had her Cyberknife a little over a year ago and had her Pet Scan this week . The results of the Pet Scan were *drum roll inserted here*.. NED.. yes, there was no evidence of disease anywhere. To this day, my mom gives special thanks to Joel for giving her the courage to try Cyberknife. Mom had had two wedge sections prior to this procedure with recurrences after both. Due to her COPD, age (82 on Dec. 19th) and other health problems , she was not a candidate for a third surgery. She had to go for treatment 6 days ( would have been 5 , but machine went down the first day :() It was a bit hard on her and she suffered extreme fatigue, but it was doable and here she is over a year later receiving a normal scan with NED..

Thank you Maryanne and Joel. Joel, I won't ever forget the fact that you took the time to talk with me on the phone and gave me the information and reassurance which was passed on to my mom. God Bless you and may you continue to have many many more cancer free years.

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