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Good Onc., visit!


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We went to the Onc., yesterday and he says he is extremely pleased with David's condition. Evidently he is still stable and his blood tests were good. The Doc., says that unless any new symptoms appear he can go on with the"drug break" and just call in every month. Dave is feeling well and energetic and even went out target shooting with a friend this morning, (he still shoots a "mean group" I'll tell Ya!)

At the same time as I am elated at this news, I can't help being a little frightened too, if you know what I mean? I suppose everyone feels like this at times. I also worry about what is going on while we take the break. :!:

Oh Well, it is good news for now and that is what I will dwell on.

Dave has such a good attitude, the Onc., told him that he could stay stable for many months and when we left the office turned to me and said "I intend to stay stable for ever"!

Thanks for prayes and good thoughts,


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This is great news about your hubby. May he continue to be stable and doing as well as he is doing. Prayers for you and him. God does answer our prayers...

I see you live in California. Is your husband being treated at Cedars. There are quite a few people on here that are being treated there.

God Bless


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Hi There Karen,

Thanks for your post. To answer your question; my husband is going to a special department of the UCLA which is affiliated with Henry Mayo Hospital. Dave seems pleased with the treatment he is getting, I am not entirely satisfied. They are not giving him any more Chemo, and they say radiation is not an option. The Onc. keeps talking about giving him "salvage" drugs such as Iressa, if he should show more symptoms. I think it is because David has so many other health problems and more aggressive treatment would cause him more harm than good. I can't bear to just sit back and let him go though. He is doing so well at the moment it is hard to believe he even has this nightmare disease but I am still so scared.

love, Paddy

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