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Saturday's Air


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Morning All! Beautiful day in PSL. Range of temps 66 to 86. Sounds perfect to me but the "feels like 61" right now has me on the couch with a blanket on.

What a great visit here at the coach with Dominick and Wendy last night. She's on her way now to go to Sam's Club with her Dad. They are the grocery store shoppers. Me, not so much. Anyway wild horses wouldn't drag me out this morning. I had to be up at 6:30 am and out early two days in a row. Enough is enough.

Oh, Dominick is 12 in a couple of days and I get such a kick....In conversation last night about some musical group, he managed to test my knowledge of Copernicus, Edgar Allen Poe and the words thespian and genre. He's so slick when he does it. But one of these days I know he's going to stump me. lol

Dominick's Bday party is in the park and it looks like the weather will favor us. Have a great day everyone. I plan to.

Judy in Port St Lucie FL

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Good morning, Judy!! I'm not usually in 'here' but wanted to share in the beautiful morning with you. It is sunny and just shy of crisp this AM and I LOVE it. Fall - my very favorite season. Penn State football at noon just makes it perfect. Anyhow, glad we can spend this time together and glad you're having a good visit. And BTW - aren't grandsons just awesome when they actually become people and carry on real conversations with you :lol: ?


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Kasey, good to see you. Fall in the North is grand but we were sorry we didn't get to see any significant colors before we left. And yes, grandsons are awesome but we have no granddaughters so can't compare lol. Good luck to Penn State.

Judy in Port St Lucie

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Good Afternoon All,

After Thursday and Friday glorious and sunny blue skies, Saturday just had to be overcast however,at least it is dry and warm,not JudyKW dry and warm though.

Well its the first day of my weeks vacation from work,nothing much planned but I intend to visit Aberfoyle on a Autumn photo shoot,I was there last year at this time and the scenery was just beautiful,but without my camera can you believe it.Never go about without your camera eg I was walking down Sauchiehall St in Glasgow last week on passing a hotel a couple of photographers emerged from the doorway (real ones with all the really expensive gear),following them into the street for a photo session you will never guess,a group of about a dozen Massai warriors,both male and female,complete in full traditional costume in red,the men carrying long spears,all of them sporting loads of stands of highly coloured beads.Apparently they were a dance troup touring the UK,drat missed my oppertunity.

Hi Judy,Think I would really enjoy Dominicks company,he really does enjoy learning dosent he,wish he was one of my students,have a great birthday party in the park,please pass on my happy birthday wishes.

Hi Libby,Gosh your daughter has a real special weekend,imagine getting to sing at the opening of a football,oh I am green with envy,hope she has a great time,sorry but the Goo Goo Dolls seem to have passed me by?

Hi Stephanie,another one with an eventful weekend planned,Picasso,great to see his work,does make your head spin a bit though,trying to understand his perceptions,I really dont see women as he does,I prefer my own view of them thank you.Have a great day out and a fine meal in the new restaurant.

Another one of my work colleagues retired yesterday,bet you cannot guess how many years she completed at Anniesland College? 44years hows that for loyalty,we had a presentation tea for her and lots of goodies were passed her direction,she had the affection of all the staff here,her remit was quality systems and accommodation,god help you if swopped classrooms with another lecturer without telling her beforehand,or you and your class were not in the room she had timetabled,her voice alone just would blow you away,excuses offered were flattened by a steam road roller response.We will all miss her so much,guess what she is for years an avid fan of, and a fountain of knowledge of -American Football,shes hopes to get to a superbowl now she has some time on her hands.I f you do bump into Linda,dont argue with her,you will always be in the wrong.Bye for now,enjoy your weekend everyone.

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Just a quick shout back to you Eric before we're off to the bday celebration. I will pass on your hbd wishes. Dominick would do well to have you as an instructor. And yes, he does seem to love learning. Gets that from his grandmother who took twelve years and three majors before getting her BA and MA lol. Can you say career student? That's how friends and family referred to me.

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in PSL

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